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  1. My faith lies entirely on Bill Peters at the moment. This probably isn't the roster he imagined having when he pitched his plan to get hired. But, if the guy can bring the relentless work ethic that Babcock and the wings win with, and sometimes with thin rosters due to injury.....then I have faith we can look half-way decent. Or...we could end up with a number one draft pick. Expectations are vague.
  2. I'm not saying it's all that possible but honestly the best play we can get out of the guys now strengthens our ability to rebuild. If we can't find some worth in guys like Ward we're never going to get a rebuild that isn't more than a reshuffle. If Ron decided to have a fire sale tomorrow I won;t complain but for now we're stuck with wasted money lying around.
  3. Still need Justin to sign this one but i've had it since his rookie year.
  4. I think Doan and Semin are a long shot at this point anyways. I would also rather have Doan but am not going to complain about getting Semin just because of his attitude. Who knows, he might shape up just with a change of environment. As far as Skinner's attitude goes....he will mature and i'm sure there are already plenty of strong leadership figures (Brindy, Francis, Muller...etc) working on his attitude problems. Those same people could easily have a good influence on Semin. But as I said, I think they are both going to be hard to get despite the allure of the Staal brothers.
  5. Looked deep into the old files to find this but I figured it's appropriate for this thread, AND for people actually saying to stop watching games. pffftttttt....SERIOUSLY?
  6. Ahhh thanks for that. Well, I love the idea of bringing in Ryan to wing with Staal. Pretty sure we would have to give up a lot to make that happen, so don't feel bad when a fan favorite dissappears.
  7. Having Ryan would be great but how do you all pick him as a possibility? Is there a rumor I missed?
  8. In the last 4-5 games i've seen Staal with at least 3 breakaway chances he could not convert, and at least 3 wide open chances he missed. Whether those statistics are accurate or not....he's not good on any line from what i've seen. It's almost like he has expected his talent to flourish with out self-improvement or practice. Practice dekes, work on your snapshot aiming, and for gods sake stop worrying about your brother.
  9. JR said he won't "make change to make change"....well of course not UNLESS it's obviously necessary. LOL If JR feels like he has the beat of the fans then he knows he himself is under pressure. Make a change because it SEEMS necessary. If it doesn't work out, make more changes. Simple tactics. I'm hoping it hasn't happened yet because a replacement is a difficult decision.
  10. Leave Daniels where he's at. Fire Mo and Lewis. Put Rod and Glen Wesley behind the bench and let them learn together as associate head coaches. They played together and won together. Why not coach together? I would honestly rather watch the Canes struggle with inexperienced icons behind the bench than what I am watching now. I heard Rod talking on radio TSN interview and I think he has his head around things pretty good and he's a great speaker. Wesley was a great shut down defenseman who knew when to jump in on a rush. Or....we could hire some former player/coach that JR knew back in the day to take over and be terrible until he can rehire Mo again when everyone has stopped hating him. LOL
  11. I don't think replacing Staal helps the team or the fans in any way. He is the face of the franchise even though Wardo and Skins can make a case too. If they aren't going to make a coaching change then at least come up with a solid set of lines and stop messing with it. Let the guys get comfortable playing together. Staal can play wing and center. Hell I don't care if he plays in a defensive position as long as he's motivated. "It's Staal good" and will get better, i have confidence in the guy.
  12. I haven't been in forums in a while but I wanted to see what everyone was saying about Mo and it's about what I expected. I honestly never liked him as a replacement for Lavi. He had one good playoff run that kept his job alive for longer than necessary but it's probably time to go again. Problem is....who to get? Promote Rod? He's not ready but he IS a good leader. Who is out there in the hockey world worth hiring as a coach if we don't promote from within? In my opinion, the team is not as horrible as the record reflects. But, in sports a record is what reflects on a coach and his resume has never been that good. I hope JR makes a change but I won't be surprised if he doesn't.
  13. I'm surprised no one has mentioned everyone standing during game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals as easy proof of die hard fans.
  14. Not sure where you pulled Parise from. Don't get me wrong that would be a great pickup, but I think we give Skinner his one-way contract and announce him as an addition to the future of Canes hockey.
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