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  1. Okposo......He's a top Line RW, which we need, he's only 28 and his contract is front loaded. At a $6 mill cap hit, he's the type of guy we needed to sign. Now, in fairness, I will say this...we don't know that Francis didn't try to get him, or any other player. Problem is we have been so mediocre for so long it's hard to attract talent that believes this team is going in the right direction. Okposo even said one of the reasons he signed in Buffalo is because they are moving in the right direction with good, young talent.
  2. Haha! No worries...told 'em I would check back July 1st! And apparently you didn't read my post....I'm not crawling....I'm in a limo! Haha!
  3. You guys are more fun...and my limo isn't here yet.
  4. Good price but his goal production over the last four years is: 9,12,15, 19....and he's 33yo. At least it's a short deal and he's mostly a "plus" player. Should fit in somewhere. Better....but still waiting for "the guy", if he's out there!
  5. He must be smart....and good looking! LOL
  6. Possible and I hope you're right. Rask is a "must sign" in my book.
  7. You make a good point and I've wondered this myself, but if we trade anyone with value, we trade our valuable players.....Say you trade Skinner for a guy like Okposo (impossible now because he's gone...of course). You get roughly the same production but a different playing style...what's the point? Now, say you add a guy like Okposo through free agency....and don't forget we acquired Teravainen....much better situation. We started the day over $24 million under the cap and Terav is not the saviour of this club, or any club. You have to spend money to make money. My point is that almost any trades will result in trading across a good player for a good player and we aren't ahead. Maybe someone will want to dump a salary but most clubs did this to acquire new players and aren't hurting like they were. And then we pick a Dman first in the draft again....holy smokes.....
  8. Haha! That does sound like him/her....but it's not! Haha! I tee off in 20 minutes....gotta go.....
  9. Hey, I'm back! Remember? I quit on the team when management quit during the "playoff run"....anywho.....looks like I'll just peak in here and look.....yep, we signed absolutely nobody significant and now everybody significant is gone! Par for the course. See you in October for the beating!
  10. Roger that, sir. I know the team is bigger than one player. I guess I've hit my breaking point. We had a chance to push into the playoffs, as long a shot as it was, and we bailed again. They shopped Ward, playing him night after night, instead of putting the best goalie out. They worked trades while telling the fans they're making a "serious push". I know we had injuries, etc etc. I'm just unimpressed with management. I feel like I've been strung along for YEARS with the promise of, "Next year will be better." I don't believe it any more. So...after watching every game in this franchise's history, I'm done. No more merchandise, no more road trips to see games, nada. Maybe someone can pry open their wallets in this cheap a** organization and make a commitment to win. I will see what they do in the off season to acquire guys to make this team a winner and see you in the fall. I'm done watching the 10 year "rebuild". That is all.
  11. The next few years don't outweigh.....they add to. A market will only tolerate so much losing until it reaches a breaking point where people won't spend the money. You've seen the building on game nights. Do you think we're close to that point? I do. Especially if they continue to raise prices and skimp on spending.
  12. No, but the team didn't waste any time (about 2 hours) advertising a game in late March against the Rangers. I agree that Staal deserves a nice send off from the fans, etc. But it seemed to me more like a chance to jump on selling tickets. "Too soon" I think people would say. Staal wasn't even in NY yet and they're pushing sales for a game 4 weeks from now? I thought it was pretty weak.
  13. Yeah, well you have fun driving to Charlotte for games in a couple of years, assuming the Canes keep their farm team there after they move. I've been a hockey fan for over 30 years and I get the team build, prospect concept, etc. What the Canes can't afford as a team is a lengthy rebuild without winning. They haven't even gotten a sniff since 2009 and that's pathetic. Especially in this market. The playoff drought they're experiencing has already put them at the threshold. Their future depends on the signings they get THIS off season. If they don't sign a marquee player or two in the off season it'll be more of the same. And for the record, I don't blame RF for this. He got handed a mess, but I think they're going in the wrong direction in the very short term. I don't think they have the luxury to continue a "rebuild" before even more fans lose interest. I guess this summer will be very telling.
  14. I agree with the others that hate this trade. I don't hate that Staal, and now Versteeg, were moved. I hate that we got such little back for them. But what I REALLY hate is that about a week or so ago when we were still "in the hunt" for the playoffs the team management quit. They quit on the players and they quit on the fans. They continued to shop Staal ,and apparently Versteeg, for mediocre draft picks and they continued to shop Ward by playing him constantly even though he was 1-4-0 in his last 5 starts and was letting in softies left and right. We've lost three in a row and are essentially out of it now. And what did we get? A couple of draft picks that may never play in the NHL. If the goal was to dump salary and get "nothing" back, then why not tell those guys they are staying, make a push this year and let their salaries go at the end of the season? We are flush with prospects, why grab more kids in exchange for veteran guys that could lead the team this year regardless of their production (Staal). Have you seen attendance? Have you seen merchandise sales? Having a 7 year playoff drought, this team needs to win now, not 3 or 4 years from now. But that's exactly what these moves have assured. Unfortunately, I feel like this is the beginning of the end for this franchise. I hate when people call us a "non-traditional" market, etc. But that's exactly what we are and why having a team in a place like Raleigh is challenging. You have to spend the money and win all the time or you're irrelevant. This team has become irrelevant. And unless they do something BIG in the off season, like spend a lot closer to the cap and ditch the "self-imposed" cap this team is done. I hate thinking that. I've been here from the start. The first pre-season game against the Islanders in Greensboro, etc. The people on the boards here are gonna stick around, but the "average" fan that you might convince to buy season tickets at some point is never going to make that commitment rooting for Chris Terry (no offense). We'll see what happens in July, but I'm not expecting much. I'm expecting the never ending "rebuild" process to continue and ticket prices to go up....again.
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