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  1. Hello all. I grew up with the Thrashers in Atlanta and learned to really immerse myself in their organization. I adopted the motto to "Believe in Blueland" and have done just that. Now, as we all know, there is nothing left to believe in. They are no longer a team of the south. Since leaving Atlanta, I have been a resident of Asheville, NC (and love it here) for three years now, and it was always easy to slip back to town to watch a Thrashers game. But not anymore. I always viewed the Canes as a worthy and respectful adversary, so now I would like to join the ranks. I will continue to watch and root for my former boys in blue, and will wish them the best (and hope that their ownership group is willing to spend money to make the necessary adjustments and improvements), but I need a local fix. I enjoy the rush of the live game, and look forward to my first appearance at the RBC Center.
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