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  1. Wow! I didn't even realize the atrocity of the Jonas Brothers and the NHL. And thanks for the local bands that I didn't know about... checking them out now. If only Freddie could come back...
  2. I believe it's not the Hurricanes organization who made the choice, but WHY? is 3 Doors Down headlining this All Star Live concert? I mean, I don't have an issue with their song "Kryptonite" (while many of my friends do) but I can't recall any of their songs that make me think of the excitement and high energy and explosive power of hockey. I mean if we were talking baseball, sure go ahead. But hockey?!? I could even see *gulp* Nickelback exemplifying the intensity of hockey before I could see 3 Doors Down doing so. If I had to pick a band off the top of my head it would be the Offspring. Or the Foo Fighters (to appease more a wider audience). What are other people's thoughts on this? What band(s) do you think would be a better choice? Or is 3 Doors Down, just fine? Who would you like to see? Do you think the NHL has gone too mainstream with some of their choices?
  3. I realize there's the sweet deal for Canes' fans tomorrow by dropping off an unwrapped toy at the box office, but are there any deals on anything else? Perhaps Hurricanes merch?
  4. QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! Ahh... how I miss the days of the Mighty Ducks.
  5. Maybe I can go to bed a little early tonight believing the Canes can keep up the good work.

  6. How nice to watch the Canes on tv! GOAL!

  7. Excited about the next time I can see the Canes play at the RBC Center

  8. Poor Lappy. It's disappointing he'll be retiring. I'll definitely miss his heart and old school determination.
  9. Wow! Great article. It makes me wonder about what's going on in Lappy's head. I do believe that the quest for the cup is generally a greater concern to more players than their own health. It also makes me wonder about the coaches decision to let him play. I mean, I am not positive my facts are correct, but I believe he got hit in the face with a shot, lost some teeth, 100 stitches and still came back to play the 3rd period. Hell of a player, and perhaps more heart than Rudy, but come on... you get a pass for the rest of the game if you get hit in the face.
  10. I'll take versus over seeing another NBC channel. Ever since they did Conan wrong, I've been watching less and less of their stations. Long live CoCo!
  11. Man, the Flyers have such bad luck with goalies.
  12. bummed about the home loss

  13. Watching the painful 3 quick goals against the Canes on Canevision Online

  14. WOO!!! Tomorrow is the day! My friend KiD in the Nondenoms is running the Caniac Challenge. I don't think he's a contender for winning but you never know. I'll see if I can make a video montage of the carnival for those who didn't go. Kid signs up for the Challenge
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