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  1. It hurts... I am losing faith... :\
  2. I am not really worried about the Leafs. If we focus on the teams ahead, Leafs shouldn't be a threat. And we got the tie-breaker. I think we can do it!
  3. And the Rangers lost tonight! WOHOOO! That means the Islanders are on a "hot streak" (2 consecutive win is a hot streak for NYI ), which doesn't really scare me (they'll lose eventually, right? Why not make it Saturday?). Let's just win the next one and we could be only ONE point away from the Rangers... And from the Sabres if we win Sunday! I believe!
  4. They are 5 points ahead... With one more game played. So possibly only 3 points ahead. And they are playing the Sabres soon. Gotta pray it doesnt end in OT/SO.
  5. I would just like to add that Sabres and Rangers play against each other one more time... So that makes the Rangers a target if the Sabres win (They're currently 3 points ahead of Sabres, with 1 more game played) OR make the Sabres an easier target. All we can hope for is that game doesn't go to OT... >< And Sabres and the Rangers still have a game against the Devils... I don't think they can make it to the playoffs (but then again, you never know), but they believe they can and have been unstoppable lately... Please ô Devils.... (I suddenly feel satanist..) We still have a chance! The only thing I don't like is that it depends a lot on the other teams.. I am not very optimistic, but I'd LOVE to be wrong! PS: Nice XKCD.
  6. 1) Record for the remaining 10 games: 5-3-2 2) Will the Canes make the playoffs? No (I really hope I'm wrong... I would be so happy to lose the contest if I am!)
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