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  1. Will definitely vote for skinner
  2. I'd go along with your comment, except that POS is not going to be able to earn any more ice time or the coaches respect playing 7 minutes on the 4th line. Just try playing Whitney, Staal, or Skinner 7 minutes on the 4th line. And you know, they won't be able to produce. Give him 5 games with skilled players and some power play time. If he shows nothing, then i'll say you were right and i'll shut up. A god faith chance - that's it.
  3. Absolutely Right. It is a recipe for disaster because this coach isn't going to give him a chance to play up to his potential. 7 minutes of 4th line duties and playing with a couple of scrubs isn't going to help the Canes improve. He needs skilled forwards around him in order for him to help the team. Mo will be waiting for a mistake to happen in order to yank Sully off the ice. Even if it includes sneezing in the wrong direction, chewing food to loudly, or snoring. Meanwhile, drones like Sammy, Ruutu, Larose, and Jussi can miss empty nets, be a Minus -8 and commit hundreds of turnovers - Mo would keep rewarding them with 17 minutes a game and plenty of power play ice time. Mo is one of the worst coach in the history of the NHL. He doesn't have a clue on how to utilize a player according to their strengths. He's completely lost the locker room. I don't even think the players respect this man child. JR is a great GM, but he completely screwed up by hiring this scout.
  4. I think O'Sullivan gets sent to Charlotte because of the 2-way deal, but will later be brought back up once deals are made. No way in hell he clears waivers. How can anybody even consider getting rid of him after watching him play thus far. He's clearly making the best out of playing on the 4th line and averaging 9 minutes a game. Just imagine how much better off the team would be if he had some descent linemates and plays some decent minutes. If Mo continues playing him on the 4th line -
  5. I suspect POS will be next player waived (since Mo loves playing him 9 minutes on the 4th line). This will happen probably when Sammy and Tiusty return. Both have one-way contracts, while POS has a two-way contract. Very unfortunate - if this happens.
  6. O'Sullivan won't be matching Whitney's numbers if he continues to play 9:31 minutes on the 4th line.
  7. I'd like to see Mo find a new role for him on the team, other than playing 9:32 minutes on the 4th line.
  8. I would remove Boston and Atlanta - and insert Philadelphia and Montreal
  9. The main concern I have is scoring. The defense and Goaltending is pretty stable. I'm hoping that O'Sully and Staal really begin to compliment each other and become a top line in the NHL. The problem with the Sully-Staal-Cole line is that its missing a playmaker. Both Sully and Staal are shooters, Cole is a grinder. There isn't a passer on that line to dish the puck to the shooters. Remember, thus far this pre-season, the team has only scored 6 goals in 4 games.
  10. Probably 9 games. He's a small guy and the taste of these every day phyical NHL D-Men are going to be a rude awakening for him He hasn't experiened this yet.
  11. When O'Sully made that giveaway against Nasville (which resulted in a goal), Mo leaned on him quite a bit and called him out. Meanwhile, Jay Harrison is a Minus -5 in a preseason, and turns over pucks like a drunken sailor, and Mo gives him a pass and says nothing
  12. If Mo puts O'Sully on the 4th line, JR should really wonder about the coach's competence. Especially, not after his performance thus far.
  13. Yes he did. He puts his team ahead of any personal achievement or stat. He does get down on himself when things don't go right. No joking, this kid averages 15 goal posts a season. The key with O'S is that he needs good players on his line. Players like Anze Kopitar, Eric Staal, johnathan Toews don't need that. They're so talented, they can make the best out of anything. With O'Sullivan, its different. He's a sniper He needs a good play-maker to set him up. That way, he'll be very productive. He's also very skilled on the man advantage, which is what happened in LA. Put him on a 4th line with a couple scrubs, he becomes a floater, which is what happened in Edmonton. I hope he gets a chance to form some chemistry with Eric Staal.
  14. Too much politics going on in LA. The GM, Dean Lombardi, is very arrogant and full of himself. He thinks he's Gods gift to hockey. When O'Sullivan held out during the 2008 training camp because of a contract dispute, it irked Lombardi. Just like Cammaleri, Visnovsky, and Frolov, - O'Sullivan became unwanted. Dean Lombardi and his drone coach (servant), Terry Murray, started playing him less minutes with less than average players on the 4th line. Before his stock went down, he was traded for Justin Williams. If anybody disagrees with Dean Lombardi - whether it be contract, policies, roster etc..., he takes it very personally. O'Sullivan getting traded from LA had nothing to do with his talent.
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