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  1. Since you guys read this! Eric stop coasting and be a leader Jordan watch your old play from Pit and play like that All of you! This is hockey be hard to play against! great post you nailed it! Now can you please let me back in the chat room?
  2. I only worry slightly as we seem to get worse with each shift!, Amen on the confidence thing, you want a confidence boost score, hit someone, or hell hit someone
  3. Who cares! At least some one cares! We need some one to get mad!
  4. Sniper, seriously The brothers staal makes us have less depth and a much weaker second PP line. Bottom line here is the top two lines need to get going. gerbes is the leading goal scorer on this team and dubb Ing up the staals is the answer? Seriously
  5. Legend here is your translation!! Ward--a lot like jenny Craig letting all the softies in. sucks he got hurt but whatever he is not our savior but he is part of the problem K-- Wards replacement sucks he went down would have been fun to see a new number 1 in town Skins-- had a great first half of his rookie season, since then what has he done beside get concussions? he has to change his approach to the game or he will be out of the league. he has to find a way to avoid getting hit. he is to fast and to small not too!! Skins watch old footage of Rosey and watch Gerbes
  6. I have been asking this the entire time Muller has been driving this bus. Is it a bad system?? when everyone gives everything for 60 minutes we can compete however if we take a shift off we will pay for it! See the pens game!! Secondly, low percentage shots from near the blue line do not make scoring chances, the boys have to work for it and they don't, night after night. Thirdly, we need to be bastards to play against, tough gritty bastards, not nice guys this is hockey if you want to be nice go play cricket, tennis, or go swim.... now before everyone jumps in and says how great they have looked this year, I agree with you however, we are still a sub .500 team, same as the past several years and that does not cut it!! GM for a day or so... Offseason past... I would have dangled skins and ward while we could still get something for them. no trade clauses aside. Skins another concussion???? upper body injury with MRI's being used to diagnose!! should have got something for him while we could have. E Staal, not sure he is captain C worthy!!!!!! E Staal, J Staal, Semin, Tlusty, Skins, Got to get it going!! J Staal coasting around playing like *edit*. I would be very embarrassed to see N Gerbe the Canes leading scorer!!!!!!!! thanks goodness we got him or we would be really in the cellar.
  7. It is my understanding that Wardo heard K coming in and stealing his job and he had to go down with a sore knee in order to insure K got played, then he dulled the blades on K's skate....and his MAGINA is sore again!! K has a legit sore knee. Skins "upper body" Was looked at via MRI..... anyone thinking another concussion?????
  8. Oh yeah! Resign your season ticket packages and get playoff priority LOL this product at a higher rate no thanks!!!
  9. I would take a snowballs chance in hell better than our chances of making the playoffs
  10. On the Anniversary of the best Hockey fights ever... I still hate the AVS!!!! GO CANES!!!!

  11. At least we won't have to wait until the last game of the season to be let down!!! GO CANES

  12. Great positive spin on the season and a healthy way to deal with a long hockeyless off season. Here is my two cents! On pace for 109 points means nothing and is much easier over thirty games as opposed to a full season. We have 75 points after 70+ games. The NHL hockey season is not a sprint, it is a long drawn out grind that rewards constant play around 60% wins gets you in the playoffs. I believe the two UFA need to be resigned and the RFA should be looked at real hard before signing a contract witht hem. I think Mcbain is a liability and needs to be let go, Bowman stays on a two way deal with the checkers until he is really ready and Tlusty gets signed to a few year deal. Spoiler role!!!! Maybe but doubtful with the only team we can maybe spoil the playoffs for being the Jets who after last night bad dream come true in Columbus are 3 points ahead of us. so I don't think we will be spoiling anyones playoff plans except our own. Staals play has been commendable under Coach Muller however it needs to be there from the start next year. our dismal play in Oct and Nov set us up for failure. In a league where the season is as long as the NHL's every point counts. We need to get some how a solid D-man to take Mcbain's spot. and at least one talented center. We need balance across the lines, and when guy like Larose (who I Love) is getting top line minutes we have issues. and Stewart too. we have many of the peices in place but we are still missing two or so spots to solidify things across the lines.
  13. AWACSooner... Stay out of Detroit tonight!!

    1. AWACSooner


      Too late...we just arrived at the hotel...working our way to the Joe in 1.5 hours!

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