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  1. I think perhaps one of the biggest factors concerning whether or not Skinner will stay is the fact the he is too young play in Charlotte this year. I think coaching and management would like to see him play more against bigger and faster players which he would do in the AHL but they are not afforded with that luxury. I'm not really sure how much more he can prove or develop by continuing to play in Kitchener. If he looks lost in the first 10 NHL games this season then I'd send him back, but if he proves he can handle the size and speed of the game at this level - then it may be best to keep him here since there is no AHL option for him. I trust JR will make the best decision for his development. Just my two cents on the matter!
  2. Skinner - Staal - Cole LaRose - Sutter - Ruutu Samsonov - Jokinen - Tlusty Boychuk - O'Sullivan - Kostopoulos Gleason - Corvo Pitkanen - McBain Babchuk - Carson (will probably be Harrison but hoping beyond hope it's Carson) Ward Peters 10
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