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  1. I didn't see the game or this hit, but also can't understand why Niskanen wasn't tossed or penalized for this hit. During the regular season, if there's ever any question, they review the video right then and there - is that not done in preseason games? (Because it's pretty clear in the video what happened.) Also, and I apologize for my ignorance, but I seem to remember that during the regular season when a call is not made that should have been, doesn't the coach have the option to file some sort of grievance/complaint to the NHL (or whoever)??
  2. A "reverse" Six Degrees, no less, Red Storm!! (TSA - what happened to his face??? He looks like a mannequin!!)
  3. I just happened to find a page (by accident) that summarizes the different offers available to fans mentioned above. Although the webpage appears to reside in the "Fan Zone" area of our site at http://hurricanes.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=86967 on a page called "Hurricanes Food Specials" -but if you go to the Fan Zone portion of our site from the home page, this page doesn't exist. I'll take TSA's recommendation and bring this to the attention of Mike Sundheim and/or whoever is the webmaster for our site. It's nice to know the info's out there, but it doesn't do much good if nobody can find it.
  4. I would think that someone from the Cane's organization (or whoever is involved with promotions, etc.) should be making this info available - I'm thinking if the average fan can't find it in any one place, am not sure whoever is doing the game summary will be able to either (nor should they have to go searching around for it.) Latest example is how after winning against the Panthers twice in a row the other night, the special that Kanki offers should have kicked in, but didn't see anything about it over on Facebook (which seems to be the only place I've seen anything about the offers from Papa Johns, Subway, and Kanki) - have yet to see anything anywhere about the other specials I've listed/heard about.
  5. Thanks, again, Red_Storm. Unfortunately, that doesn't help those of us who aren't able to get the TV broadcast - you would think they would at least post it afterwards (as well as the other stuff). It's hard for Canes fans to take advantage of these partner/sponsor offers, when they're not really posted in any one place (if at all). Very confusing....
  6. Thanks, Red_Storm. Where is this info posted before a game starts?
  7. It looks like we've got several team "sponsors" this season offering different things to Canes fans for different reasons. I've been unable to find exactly who offers what in any one place on our site here and just catch either the Subway or Papa John's (and sometimes Kanki) offers on Facebook, so was wondering if those who know could help break it down for the rest of us? This is what I think is in place so far.... Moe's Southwest Grill - free side of Caniac Queso & chips when the Canes score 5+ goals Subway - free Canes Cookie when the Canes score 5+ goals. Must present coupon that can be printed at: http://3.cdn.nhle.com/hurricanes/v2/ext/corpsales/subway1213cookiecoupon.jpg Papa Johns - 50% off any regular priced menu item when the Canes win, must order online. Promo Code: CANIAC Kanki - free Hurricanes sushi roll with a dine-in purchase when the Canes have two wins in a row Bojangles - free Bojangles Boberry biscuit the following morning between 5:30-10:00 AM if the Canes score a power play goal. Just say, "I'm a Caniac, and it's Bo time!" Any additions/corrections would be much appreciated. But I am curious why this info isn't available, in one place, for fans somewhere here on this website and/or our Facebook page.
  8. I think you mean the Caniac Coach, no? From the Event Schedule on their website, it looks like they'll be covering the Canes games again this season: http://www.caniaccoach.com/
  9. Trying one last time in hope that someone knows what this deal is all about and how to take advantage of it. Per the post that TSA shared in the beginning of this thread, there was supposed to be some link posted on 1/16 for folk to purchase tickets for opening night at 50% off - unfortunately, I don't see any link. On the Fan Zone portion of our site, it states: "Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 10 a.m., fans who subscribe to the Hurricanes Watch email newsletter will receive an exclusive online code for 50% off Opening Night tickets. This sale will last for 36 hours, concluding on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 10 p.m." I subscribed to the newsletter, received confirmation, but there was no "exclusive online code" or any other information or link to get these tickets. Someone....anyone?? Thanks!!
  10. Bump. (Looks like we still have the problem with the first post not showing up on a new page.)
  11. Huh? My e-mail came from the Carolina Hurricanes (with no "exclusive online code" that the info on the Fan Zone page said it would contain.) Where is the link to purchase these tickets referenced in the original article posted by TSA earlier in this thread? (Why are they making it so difficult?)
  12. I'm confused - where is this link referenced above? On the page in the Fan Zone about 2012-13 Opening Night and Week Celebration, it says: 50% Off Opening Night Tickets Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 10 a.m., fans who subscribe to the Hurricanes Watch email newsletter will receive an exclusive online code for 50% off Opening Night tickets. This sale will last for 36 hours, concluding on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 10 p.m. I subscribed to this newsletter and received confirmation, but no "exclusive online code" for the 50% discount or where to order them. Like I said, very confused...LOL.
  13. I'm hoping you're right, but I'm sure the $7 million didn't hurt, LOL.
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