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  1. This is what I have been told by my rep. Ticketmaster has contract to manage ticket sales, their rules in the contract. The electronic tickets is to stop scalping and ticket companies sending out reps from buying up rows of seats and selling online on their sites not owned by Ticketmaster. They have put the scalpers across the street out of business. They have control now on all seat sales. They want to get the resale commission on all sales by STH. When you signed your STH contract you agreed not to sell the majority of your seats for the season or they will have the right to close your account. This controls the ticket companies from buying up bulk seats and Ticketmaster/Canes not getting the commissions on the resales on other sites. I do feel bad for the elderly flip phone STHs. Has anyone received any information of the Full STH autograph meet the players party in October? I have not received any emails, but reading that the partial STH had their party and the Full STH is in October.
  2. Will accept any full season or part season offers at my price of $640.00/42 games per seat full season or $16.00 per seat per game...Minimum 10 games or more.
  3. I have seats in 316 Rows D & E. Row D is the 1st row behind the cement barrier above the row A Handicap seating at the glass (there is no row B or C). All seats with complete unobstructed view. You step down 3 steps to row D and there is only 9 seats & 12 seats on row E (there is no seat 1 or 2 on row D-it starts at seat 3 because of the steps down into the row) with openings on both sides. Season Ticket Holders own the seats on both rows. I am looking for people to share part are all of my seats equally with all the perks that comes with it. This is a good way to have great cheap seats with the Full Season Ticket Holder Perks I have had for 8 years with a great view of open ice. The greatest view for upper level. If you're on a budget, but want great seats for it, this is your opportunity. The great thing is that my seats on both rows are directly in front of each other and you will have opportunities throughout the season to bring family and friends to my other seats for the same price we paid for them a game. There are many games I will sell my other seats $16.00 a seat if wanted for your family. I love being able to talk with my family directly behind me on the 2nd row instead of way down the row when they come. We are grouped together nicely. On the games I do not come, I will give you my parking pass for free. The deal is as follows for 1 or more families/groups... 316 Row D Seats 6,7,8,9. No traffic in row-center row seats (only 2 seats from exit of row) 316 Row E Seats 7 & 8. As above Each seat is $320.00 for half a season ( (I pay $640.00 for full season). All Season Ticket Holder private practice, party etc will be given to you (I have been to several) Have the opportunity to buy group seating under my account with Full STH discounts. Have the opportunity to buy Playoff seats under my account with Full STH discounts. The games will be split equally by each day of the week (ex...10 Sat games-5 each ext.) I will split the season for 2 to 6 seats. If you only want 2 seats it will be row E, if you want to split more than 2 seats it will be row D. If you split all 6 seats, it will come with a free parking pass to each game since I will not have a seat half the season. If I don't have all my seats split for the season, I will come to the seats that are not split and use my parking pass, but can't make them all, so will give/split with those who are in this deal. PM if interested.
  4. My family and I will be out of town and have some of their Parking Passes for sale Games Fri Nov 6th...Sat Nov 7th...Thu Nov 12th...Sat Nov 14th. $15.00 General Parking Pass for sale for $10.00 each. We have 2 extra for each game for sale. I will be at the Oct 30th and Nov 1st games and can meet at game or can mail.
  5. 3 SEATS SECTION 316 Row F Seats 7, 8, & 9. I paid $25.00 each. $25.00 each...Must buy all seats ($75.00).
  6. I actually had forgot I have an extra seat with this package on row E directly behind these seats 316 Row E Seat 6 that I am including... 5 Seats total.
  7. I will be selling these seats off and on all season due to my work and vacation schedule. I will be out of town for 3 games in a row in Nov which includes 2 Sat games and will sell these seats as a package deal with a Friday, Preseason game... My seats say Row 'D' but are front row behind cement barrier over the Handicap folding chair seating. There is only 11 seats in this row and easy to get in and out with exits on either side. Dates...FRI OCT 2ND-PITTSBURGH (PRESEASON)...JUST ADDED Sat Nov 7th-Senators Thu Nov 12th-Wild Sat. Nov 14th-Flyers Location...FRONT ROW...316 Row D Seats 6,7,8,9. Row E (2nd row) Seat 6 (5 seats total) or all 5 seats on Row E (6,7,8,9,10-my nephew will move down from his seats to row D if needed) Seats have more room that some lower section seats and cup holders. All Open Ice View...NO OBSTRUCTED VIEW. Choice seats for price. All 5 seats for all 4 games with a General Parking Pass INCLUDED to each game... ******$300.00 for pkg****** ($20.00 seat w/parking pass each game included) I will not break up this pkg. Send PM if interested in future games ahead of time. I DO NOT have any opening game seats for sale. ****I own 7 seats (3 more directly behind these seats also-316 Row E Seats 6, 7 & 8) and I will sell these at $20.00 for many of the games, but not sure if family needs on the games listed above. Majority of week night games I will have these 1 to 7 seats available for sale. Good price for lower row seats.
  8. I have been a full STH for several years and have great seats in the Fan Zone. They are labeled row D and E but are first two rows behind cement barrier above fold up-Handicap seating. There are only 11 seats in each row and you step down into these seats, openings at each end. These are all open ice no obstruction seats. This is what you get... Section 316 Row D seats 6, 7, 8-for Half Season only Section 316 Row E seats 6, 7, 8 for Full or Half Season Advantages...You get my seniority for pricing. $645.00 Full Regular Season price each seat... They are $688.00 to new fans & are the upper in the upper rows if you get them from the Canes. $325.00 Half Regular Season price each seat... Full Season you get these perks...$64.00 Beverage Card each seat for full season seats. All tickets to STH events for Full and share for Half Season. Please note since these are in the Fan Zone...there are no ticket vouchers or ticket exchange for STH in the Fan Zone seats. The games will be divided evenly...same number of each day of week for each seat. (ex...10 Sat games...each get 5 games on Sat etc). If you have a favorite team to watch the Canes play, I have no problem with giving you the pick of those games. I actually prefer the West teams over the East teams we play. You must be a Canes fan to purchase.
  9. I have 4 or 5 seats for sale Sat March 21st Canes vs Rangers. I have 4 on front row with a 5th behind the other 4 seats. These seats are labeled Row D & E, but are the first two rows behind cement barrier above fold-Handicap seats at glass. There is only 11 seats in these rows that steps down into seats. Open Ice View with no obstruction. 316 D seats 6, 7, 8, 9 316 E seat 6 *Free Parking Pass...*If can receive in mail by Sat. Price on tickets is $38.00 each $125.00 for all seats (4 or 5) with *Parking Pass
  10. I have two E Staal jerseys for sale. Jersey number 1...Authentic Red Jersey with fight strap and white piping, C on front, hurricane flags each shoulder...Man's size 52. Sewn on 'Staal' & sewn on number '12' This is the last red jersey before the new red ones came out. Excellent condition...Clean no stains, picks or tears from smoke and pet free home. Only worn few times. Price to sell $175.00. Jersey number 2...Commerative Jonco White Whalers Jersey with sewn on patch on front of jersey of the Hurricanes eye of the storm patch...Back of jersey has E. Staal and the #12 in green... Man's XL-never worn. Was sold as commerative to bring the history of both teams together. Excellent condition from smoke and pet free home. Price to sell $175.00 Will take $300.00 for both jerseys. Send pm if interested.
  11. It has been a few years since I have been able to go to the Caniac Carnival and am looking forward to it. I do have a couple of questions if fans can help me with understanding the process. 1. When you get your wrist band for the autographs, do you go by all the players for an autograph or are you given a random assigned table of a few players and that is all you will get as far as autographs? 2. I am a full STH and noted about STH having a "window" opportunity on Sat the 14th to purchase the new jerseys before the public sale...does anyone know what this means? Is it in 'The Eye' with limited hours or any hour that 'The Eye' is open? Go Canes. Thanks.
  12. As fragile as Sid seemed to be last season, it will be interesting to see if he can hold out an entire season knowing he will be a target for hits. If his concussion symptoms returns, Sutter will have an opportunity to shine. I'm not hoping for Sid to be ill, just saying it is a real possibility for Sutter to move up to the 2nd line. Sutter will be missed and I wish him well and hope for him a playoff run in Pittsburgh.
  13. The emails are out for the full season ticket holder dates and times for the select-a-seat. I moved up to the 1st night after 5 years as a STH. I will probably keep my seats, but will be going to see if better seats available. I heard the numbers for STH is down. That is probably how I got a 1st night select. It will be nice to be back in the RBC/PNC arena.
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