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  1. My season tickets arrived this afternoon via FedEX. In looking through the booklet (Full STH in the Fan Zone) I noticed they not only did not have vouchers for Canes/Checkers, but no Full season ticket holder event tickets. I am aware the fanzone does not get vouchers any longer but was curious if other seat locations have full season ticket holder event tickets included in their packet. This year they have $38 printed as face value as opposed to $9.99 last year. Another question is did they lower the % of the food/beverage credit. On the Canes webpage for sth benefits they have it listed as a 7% credit, I thought it was a 10% credit last season. I always give them to my kids for their debit card for the season. Looks like they will go hungrier this season!
  2. Same here, I got the tracking information, and also have a delivery exception. FedEX is getting tight about delivering packages before their scheduled delivery. Even though the package is at the sort facility in Raleigh they have been instructed not to deliver. This is all a revenue generator. The company is breaking bad and realized people were getting the same service that paid more for next day or two day shipping, so now they hold packages. Grrrr Mine has a Monday by 8pm delivery time.
  3. March 14th and 15th Checkers play Abbotsford in the PNC, on the 15th it is a skate with the Checkers game following the game. We go to Charlotte for Skate with the Checkers, pretty awesome they are having one in the PNC!
  4. I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to jason for as I remember the story he played with the Ice Caps and knew the areas demographics being prime for an NHL team. Wasn't there dialogue between him and his Dad about relocating the Whalers here?
  5. How is Cam doing? will he be ready for training camp?
  6. DeCock: After 10 years, LaRose exits as quietly as he entered: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/08/03/3081069/decock-after-10-years-larose-exits.html I keep checking the NHL free agent tracker (http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=676665&navid=nhl:topheads) looking to see who Chad ends up with, In my opinion he will certainly get a two way contract with some team if he wants that. I always thought that he would somehow be part of the Canes after his playing days were over the way he came up through juniors and the minors with Karmonos, but now the relationship seems somewhat contentious. Whats going on, is he working out at Center Ice as in previous summers? Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/08/03/3081069/decock-after-10-years-larose-exits.html#storylink=cpy
  7. Wow, just noticed we open first two games at home and play six home games in October, thats gotta be a record! Makes up for all good weather tailgates we missed last season.
  8. As much as i would love to go see the Checkers game on Sunday, I refuse to support any event in the PNC (unless I come across NCSU Basketball tickets to a big game) In the grand scheme of things any event other than Wolfpack basketball helps line the owners pockets. We boycotted Disney as well as TSO this year. We will make the drive to Charlotte at least twice this year to see the Checkers. We always go to "Skate with the Checker's game as well as their pooch party. Just wish the train schedule was compatible with an early evening return. We are full season ticket holders and I work a third shift job, Two years ago I went to all 41 games, last year only missed 3 do to a death in the family (yes there are some things more important) So you can label me a die hard. At this point I am enjoying getting to bed on time and could frankly care less if they play this year or not. If they do I hope they don't compact the season where there are 5 games each week. Get the contract signed by early summer and give me plenty of time to get as pumped up for next season as much as I was pumped up and counting down days until this years opening day.
  9. On a more positive note, shouldn't Boucher be ready for backup now?
  10. With a delayed season opening I was wondering who our #2 goal keeper would be. When is Bouchet returning and if there is a partial season would Cam play a much higher % of starts?
  11. what are the odds that Semin ends up in the KHL?
  12. We have held both full and partial plans for several years. Our 12 game mini pack has always been assigned although they have always allowed our input for the general area. I think only full and 26 game plan holders are invited to the select a seat.
  13. My son does not want to go to a game in DC because he is afraid of getting a pie in the face.
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