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  1. great guy, columbus GM is out of his mind. In most trades I think to myself wait and see, but I think they will regret this. Is the defensive talent pool that shallow? I wish him well but they overpaid.
  2. Commodore and Stillman both UFA's at the end of this year. I like them both but they are both slow. While we did not appear to get better on defense we got faster. i thought Commodore was having an awful year - we get a power play quarterback and a potential (young) top 6 forward. i can't see a lot of down side, except that commodore was a media darling but that does not win games... JR does not wind up on the loosing end of many trades I trust his judgement.
  3. rangers coming back if they win it could be the best worst night ever tampa loss islanders loss rangers pending...
  4. lets go Panthers! lets go Devils! this one's done let's get some help from others!
  5. Jeff O was a healthy scratch for toronto the other night, let's hope he does not come out fired up...
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