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  1. Yeah, I have lots more to say about the whole Katz mess but it's probably all slanderous so I shall refrain, lol.... suffice it to say most of us were taken for a ride... even I, who opposed the sale to Katz from the start, didn't even think he'd pull these outrageous stunts.My objection was based on the fact I didn't think it was a good idea for one person only to call all the shots..

  2. Shame on the media. They really played up the virtues of Katz while at the same time downplayed the dedication and commitment of the group of EIG members who tried to hang onto the team. I was just as excited as anyone when Katz took over the team but I soured on him quickly. When he stuck with Kevin Lowe when it was already clear what kind of damage Lowe had done to the team was my first red flag

  3. Ah, sorry, I was a bit e-mo in my message about the problems with my daughter, then when you didn't respond I thought you don't need my crap too... lol.

    Can't believe they traded Gibby! *edit*!! didn't even hear a rumor in advance or anything..

  4. Could you please check your PM's? Thanks :)

  5. hey if you are on facebook, my fb link is on my profile here, add me if you wish. :D

  6. In the West I am hoping the Canucks or Flames or San Jose can win the Cup. In the East, Pittsburgh. In the end when all else fails I would accept any team but Anaheim ( Pronger!!! ) winning the Cup. Yes, I am primarily an Oilers fan... :-)
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