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  1. The Canes WILL win. Nothing is going to get past Ward and Staal is going to be on fire. I think having his younger brother playing in the ECF is going to ignite something under him to do WHATEVER IT TAKES! LET'S GO CANES! I am ready for more playoff hockey in Raleigh next week!
  2. I have sat club level before but did not enjoy the crowd I was sitting with, they weren't into the game and there were a lot of "suits". My season tickets up until this year was Section 333 I like being able to see all of the action from up high, but this season we moved to Section 304 which is center ice and I absolutely hated the seats, we couldn't see the shots on goal because the jumbotron was in the way. For the playoffs we upgraded to Section 111 and we are directly behind the goal about 3 rows back and absolutely LOVE the seats and the atmosphere. I would think Section 113 would be a better choice over club level, definitely a lot more energy in the crowd.
  3. I was just about to post this myself. I don't think we should sit at all during the game and we need to turn it up a notch on the noise. Consider this Game 7 and we as fans need to make this place electric. LET'S GO CANES!!!! LET'S GO CANES!!!! LET'S GO CANES!!!!
  4. Having gone to Miss.St. and the tradition of cowbells there; I absolutely love the idea of cowbells at the RBC Center. I have plenty of MSU cowbells but they are much larger than what they sell at Tractor Supply, make a lot more noise as well and have a handle on them. How do we get the cowbells into the arena??? I would think they would set off the metal detectors and I would hate to have to throw it away at the door. There would be nothing better than hearing 18,000 cowbells ringing at the RBC Center, definitley the loudest house in the NHL.
  5. Saturday night was definitely an early round playoff atmosphere. But nothing like rupturing an ear drum in the SCF in 06, which I actually did.
  6. "Come up to Verizon Center... you will think we all are bad.. .. one of the worst environments for anyone supporting people from another team (and yea.. we can be worse than Philly.... they are usually nicer to visiting fans).." I have been to the Verizonn Center a couple of times and I have never had any problems with the fans.
  7. I really thought when this broke they would say the new head coach was Francis
  8. NOT Maurice- I think I am going to be sick! What is JR thinking!
  9. My thoughts and prayers are with Atlanta. My husband came to bed last night to report the score of the MSU vs Bama game and told me he heard that a tornado had torn a hole in the roof. I personally thought he was crazy until I checked out the news reports this AM. I had originally heard that Phillips arena had damage as well and that was the reason the SEC tournament was moved to GA Tech vs Phillips arena, but now it looks like Phillips arean didn't sustain damage they just don't want a lot of people in that area right now. Go DAWGS! Go CANES!
  10. I am one of the STH that had empty seats at the game. I couldn't get a babysitter and there was no way I was bringing my kids to a Buffalo Game. I don't think they would even want to go. My son who was only 7 years old in 2006 was pushed down the stairs at the RBC center by a drunk Buffalo fan. Real nice for a grown man to pick on a 7 year old. Needless to say he was escorted from the arena but I just won't put my kids in harms way when it come's to the Buffalo fans and their obsession with alcohol.
  11. What about Bronski? Can he skate?
  12. That was hysterical. Great post.
  13. Thanks so much for that post. We did not purchase Center Ice this year because our schedules have gotten hectic and felt we probably wouldn't watch much. I can't get tonight's game but I am glad I will get to see at least part of it.
  14. We have been season ticket holders since 2000 and have for the most part had great experiences at the RBC Center. The ticket reps are great and will bend over backwards to accomodate your needs if possible. Our tickets are in section 304 but on occasion we like to sit down low or in Club level. I love Club Level because you don't have to get out of your seat because you get a menu and things are brought to you. However on opening night we sat Club Level Center Ice, needless to say we paid dearly for those tickets and our waiter was horrible. Never even acknowledged that we were there. I would have sat down low if I had known that we were going to be ignored the entire game and never asked if we wanted something. That is the only bad experience I have had, and I may sound like a spoiled brat but it was our one splurge of the year and it was not what we had experienced in the past.
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