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  1. Wow...I havent been on here in forever... Well, I would say congrats on the trade, but I wont, bc us Sabres fans are not too happy. Ottawa just got a lot better. And we play them tomorrow. Grrrr.
  2. egh...I've been suffering from a migraine for about a week now, that that game yesterday DID NOT help. I was not expecting the Bills to suck this bad. They're so awful, not only would Notre Dame beat the Bills, they would straight up OWN them... Anywayyysss.... I'll be getting my tickets tomorrow at 10 I'm hoping to get seats in about the $60 area...hope thats not too close so that i cant see anything. lol
  3. College football blows. Outdoor hockey game at the Ralph is SO much better.
  4. My birthdat is January 5th, so i'll be getting tickets to the Ice Bowl for a birthday present.
  5. it's been 3 days since my surgury, and i haven't taken any pain pills since thursday, and i've been constantly dizzy and nauseous for the entire 3 days for no apparent reason....
  6. Thanks Jan. You're right. I fell asleep for a little bit, and I woke up feeling a lot better than I did. The only thing was, I took the IBProphan on a simi-empty stomach, and I threw up blood and some other stuff (I don't even know what it was) But now that I can open my mouth, I'm looking at my teeth, and it looks like the doctor might have shifted some of the teeth he wasnt opperating on. They're like shifted inward, and the gum is all red. The doctor never said anything about other teeth could be, like, moved. It's kinda making me mad because it's really noticable and now my teeth are all crooked. Is this normal? Like, will the teeth go back to they're normal place? Or is this just an unfortunate side effect that i'm stuck with?
  7. i got them out this morning.....and man did it suck. i didnt get knocked out, because IV's scare me. but now i think i shoulda been knocked out because of my anxiety. i was awake for the whole thing, i felt the doctor pushing and pulling and yanking...and singing... (????) i took 1 vicodin around 1pm and didnt really feel anything. now its 7pm, and i feel a little dizzy and nauseous. I really hope that's normal. i look like a chipmonk and im kinda bruised. And I'm having kind of a hard time breathing. It kinda feels like a sore throat, but maybe its just because of the swelling. but it also kinda feels like my asthma is acting up, and i don't know if i can take my inhaler. i REALLY hope i start to feel better because right now i feel really yucky.
  8. I had my physical with my regular doctor today. He said my heart beat was pretty fast, so he wants to get it checked out. I'm going to have an EKG, blood work for my thyroid and stuff to make sure everythings OK. I don't think he heard a murmur or any irregularity because he didn't say anything Now I'm even MORE scared to have my wisdom teeth out, because I'm a hypochondriac and now I'm convinced I'm gonna die or something. lol So now I'm thinking about postponing getting my teeth out until after I make sure everything's OK with my heart.
  9. ^ Only the bottem left one is showing through the gum. So that's my fear, it's gonna hurt more. lol
  10. I don't have a heart mur mur. And I don't think I have an irregular heart beat. But 3 times when I went to give blood, I couldn't because my heart was beating way to fast (about 120!) But I have my physical tomorrow, so I'll find out then
  11. the dude who caught the ball is from Queens, but he goes to college at University at Buffalo
  12. Dude, Cath... I had your first Afinogenov wallpaper was my myspace design. lol You're so good at graphic design. I'm taking graphic design this school year, you're going to have to give me some pointers lol
  13. Looks like most of the league is taking on the Sluggies jersey pattern
  14. the Rangers will get him. But if we did get him back, I think he'd make us better, but not necessarily serious contenders. But, I'm also a Sabres fans, so I kinda think we're contenders anyway. But, Darcy did say yesterday he wasnt planning on signing Pecca (or anyone) right now. He said "I'm happy with who we have." Looks like Darcy's back to his old self.
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