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  1. Tonight's 2nd unit of Bowman/LaRose/Sutter was amazing. A simple play by Sutter, and LaRose with the tip. The PP needs to cycle the puck around more and keep their feet moving. Stop looking for the pretty plays, and get back to the basics. Also, the team needs to get shots through, which Tripp mentioned about 20 times in tonight's telecast. It frustrates me seeing how often our shots on the PP get blocked.
  2. I hope Brett Carson stays with the team for good. He really turned some heads last season, but he's looked rock solid in his most recent call-up. He almost makes it look effortless.
  3. I love Ruutu, he truly is a player that brings a lot to the table. He can score, he can set up, and he plays a mean physical game that not only us fans appreciate but the coaches as well. I'm pretty sure at least a few of us were starting to doubt his contract $$ last season, but he really has proved me wrong this season. Mo has pretty much kept these two together for most of the season, and if there's any duo I don't want him to break up, it's him and Skinner. Their playing styles really complement each other, and Ruutu being the "pest" to other teams frees up room for Skinner to be crafty on the ice.
  4. The one knock I have against Joni is how he takes forever (in hockey time lapses) to make a play. In his own zone, he takes noticeably longer to move the puck. That extra split second that Joni wastes is a big difference. If he could be just a tad faster, it would go a long way in his defensive game. Sorry if this has been posted before, but that's why I see in Joni.
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