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  1. I never questioned anyone for not being a STH, don't do that. I know everyone is not in the position to do that, but support is another thing. At the last game my seats were the only seats filled in my whole row, and the row behind me had three people in it. Looking across the arena there were whole sections with only a few scattered people in them. They say we have 12 thousand people there, but there is much less than that by the looks of it. I haven't seen it this empty since the team first came here. I guess it's just freakin me out. I hope you're right about them going nowhere, I'll count on that.
  2. No Ivory Tower here, just don't want to lose my team...but I guess no one else sees my point quite the same way. Only time will tell I guess. And wasn't meaning everyone should go out and become a STH today. Just meant it's sad for the few who do show up for these games and see all those empty seats and wonder how long this can last. Sorry for the downer.
  3. You pay to go see a team when they are not playing well to keep them in your town, so they can hopefully improve and be a team you can enjoy watching in the future. Otherwise, they will not be there to enjoy at all. They don't stay there forever just in case you might feel like attending someday. It's called being a fan, and not a bandwagoner!
  4. I'm not using any specific team, just sayin it's hurtful and embarrassing to sit, game after game, with a few thousand other people and contemplate the loss of my team bcuz so few people care that they are here. I have a feeling they won't be for long and I will be heartbroken.
  5. There are plenty of teams with a bad record that maintain a decent fan base. A team can't always win/compete at a high level. This team has done relatively well in the last ten years compared to many NHL teams. Fans need to support it through the lean years too, or they can not call themselves fans, just bandwagoners.
  6. Came here to post much of the same. Even when the team was playing well, other than for a year or two around 2006, the Canes struggled to fill the place. Now we are last in attendance in the league, near 12,000 per game according to ESPN...and that seems generous, looks more like 8-10,000 from my seat. Doesn't look good for our future in NC unless these supposed fans get their rear ends in seats. It's a strain on my finances to buy my season tix every year, but I manage to support the team anyway because I want them here. There are many teams with losing records worse than ours that have good fan base support. If we lose this team there is no one to blame but the citizens of the Raleigh area that didn't give a ****. PK did his best to give it a go here. Don't blame him at all if he decides to pull up stakes...SHAMEFUL fan base.
  7. I think Estaal being gone this year is already a done deal. If you notice he is rarely given post game interviews anymore and it's always other players pictured on the website now. I think it's a concerted effort by management to distance him from fans and his image as the "face of the Canes". I think they are trying to soften the blow back from the fans and establish a new semi-identity before he goes. May be wrong, but makes sense of his lack of media involvement this year.
  8. Well, I guess he made his decision on Semin. Not sure I'd do a buy out if it means carrying this burden for six years, but I'm not the GM. JR ****s. He should be the one stuck with this.
  9. I think RF will get Staal and Ward to resign reasonable contracts. They have to know they already got lots of money from this org that they didn't exactly earn. I think they both will be good with taking a little less, so that he can afford get them a better supporting cast for them. It will be in their best interest, if they ever want a hope of winning anything again. If they don't see the light, I don't see our new GM having any problem with cutting them loose for the good of the teams future. Semin...ugh, Semin. I trust he'll think of something to get us out from under that contract. I pray Semin has one **** of a start to the season, so he ups his trade value and we start getting some bites on him, even if they're not great offers. Go, Semin, GO!
  10. hockeysmitten


    Good for PK. No matter what someone thinks about the man personally, he has spent a good portion of his wealth, and much of his life promoting hockey on various levels. Well deserved, I'd say. Congrats to him.
  11. For sure. I get the feeling he will let players know he can not be manipulated by sentimentality or misplaced loyalty, like JR oft was.
  12. A lot of talented kids went undrafted this year. I hope they keep some of them in mind for camp, like they did with Tolchinsky. We could use some freebies.
  13. I highly doubt they literally offered Skinner to "every team in the league". That was just a totally unnecessary and ugly statement. He probably just let it be known generally that he could be moved. I hope we keep him for this season anyway, to see if he bounces back. I think they need to give him time. He's very young and talented, and on a good contract if he regains his scoring touch.
  14. Hope everyone is happy with our draft. I was thrilled we got Hanifin, like most probably were. I really liked his 4th rnd goalie selection, and the trade for Lack (a good backup replacement for less $ that I think will do well here). I also liked that RF strengthened our D without costing us too much for the interim. I was perplexed by some of the picks on day 2 (#35? and some of the low picks) I though they reached a little bit, but only time will tell. I'll keep my fingers crossed. All in all, we had a good draft I thought. I wonder if there were kids they liked enough to invite to camp this year? Should be exciting.
  15. Maybe they are having trouble signing Nash or Nestrasil. Replacement insurance?
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