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  1. No other sport seems to capture that kind of genuine emotion and joy. Coolest game on earth!
  2. I have some buds who are at best marginal Canes fans even though they have moved to s fla like me in search of the allmighty dollar. Why else would we move to this concrete jungle! My problem is trying to get these jokers to go with me to the games. This last game I had to take a tennessee boy with me who cared more about the hot ladies than the game. I got him center ice 3rd row and he wants me to check out the beauty four rows over from us. Granted she was a beauty but I need to have folks around me makin' some CANIAC noise! I always use stub hub for my tickets so I figure if there are some of y'all that want to gang up in a certain section of bank atlantic then we can share info and buy tickets in the same section or together for that matter. BTW those center ice 3rd row were $35 apiece and I have done that the last 4 games. There are some wicked deals down here.
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