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  1. Why not trade the 1st round pick for Staal AND sign Parise? Parise/Staal/Jokinen Ruutu/Staal/Skinner Tlusty/Sutter/Bowman or Welsh or LaRose or Dwyer Remaining winger/Brent/Other remaining winger
  2. Am I the only person that doesn't see how Buffalo beating Montreal tonight helps our playoff chances???
  3. Another player that was "not THAT impressive" in juniors http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Neal_(ice_hockey) The Malkin excuse is no good either, the guy was on pace to be a legit 30+ goal scorer with Dallas too. I'm not sure why anybody cares what he did in the WHL anyway. I assume we have all seen him play and that is why so many of us want him to have a chance to be on a scoring line. He has great skating speed, a ridiculously fast (and accurate) release on his wrist shot, and a nice backhand move on the breakaway. If you don't see the 30 goal scoring potential...well.. I don't know what to say.
  4. I don't think that would be too effective... Ladd was acquired by sending Ivan Vishnevskiy and a 2nd rounder (Justin Holl was picked) to the Blackhawks. Pretty sure Ladd is better than both of those guys. The Blackhawks giving Ruutu away for Ladd has no effect at all on the Jets.
  5. Who gets the next call up from the Checkers? Dadonov Who gets sent back down to Charlotte next? Samson 1 point Which game does Eric Staal score his 60th point of the season? Upcoming Buffalo game How many games will Eric Staal's point streak go? 15 games
  6. That was a great article by Chip. Maurice was ridiculously biased against prospects the entire time here. Like previous posters have said, Maurice would constantly put them on the 4th line and cut their minutes as soon as they made 1 little mistake. At the same time, he would double shift Staal and send him out there for an absurd amount of minutes. Is Staal a Selke winner that never makes defensive mistakes? I'm pretty sure we all know the answer to that question. The veteran players never had accountability when they were lazy defensively. Only the prospects. What a joke. Montreal must be kicking themselves right now for letting Muller get away.
  7. How about bringing Paul Maurice back for a second trial even though he was fired previously for perfectly valid reasons? How about drafting multiple 1st round busts? The only notable players he has ever drafted outside of R2 are Erik Cole and Nic Wallin. How about the recurring offseason theme of signing 3-5 bottom 6 players (Carter, Yelle, Poni, Stewart, etc.) to fill in for top 6 players (Cullen, Whitney, Cole, Stillman, etc.)? Why waste the combined money for mediocre bottom 6 talent? Just combine that money for ONE top 6 player and fill out the bottom 6 with AHLers. How about constantly refusing to re-sign players during the year and then out of nowhere deciding to break that theme for TIM GLEASON??? What an awful deal that was. You know Bryan Allen's agent saw that deal and said "Yep. You want Allen? We want Gleason money." So goodbye Allen thanks to that brilliant move. How about constantly refusing to draft blueliners in the 1st round because they "take too long to develop." How many years has this franchise been doomed because of mediocre-to-awful blueliners? Oh wait, we finally got a midget defenseman in the 1st round!!! I'll have no problem eating crow if Murphy becomes a solid defenseman for this team though. I'm seriously thrilled that he finally went against his instincts on this one. I just wish he would've done it sooner and on a bigger defenseman. There are several things that JR has done to be frustrated about. It isn't simply because he failed to move yet another UFA that will not be re-signed.
  8. Hey man, I was just taking as subtle of a shot as I could at JR! I got destroyed by most of the people here when I was blatant about my dislike for JR.
  9. Odds are pretty good that the 4th round pick he could have received for Spacek would be useless anyway. Has he ever drafted a notable player after R2? It has to be clear to him that this group as a whole is not a playoff caliber team. Some player changes definitely have to take place for this team to return to the playoffs.
  10. Just posting to confirm that I do not have a twitter account (that Warbirdarmy guy is not me.)
  11. Seriously? He is 32 years old. He has suffered a major knee injury. He is on a horrible team. There were several playoff teams looking for defensemen. Flyers Canucks Red Wings Allen left Florida to come here last year in an attempt to win a cup. If he already knows that the contract talks aren't even close (which is clear from the comments that JR made in the interview a couple of days ago) then why wouldn't he want to be moved?
  12. This quote is from like 2 days ago: Rutherford said he had "casual conversations" with Allen's agent about a possible contract extension. Said, "It's not going to happen." Now Allen is off of the trade block? I thought JR didn't like making the same mistakes over and over again? This doesn't explain why he would refuse to trade Allen and get something useful in return..
  13. Obviously it's pie in the sky and has no chance of happening, but if we could grab Parise for around 6-7m a year, he would be GREAT with Staal. He certainly doesn't have an ego either. The guy is a great team player and always seems to say the right things. I've never seen him whine or complain and he always seems to work hard. I'll admit I haven't seen him play that much, but I've read some good things about him online.
  14. Spacek can be moved, but I'd like to see Allen re-signed for about 2 years. Could you imagine the Canes with these pairings? The team definitely needs to keep Allen around while Faulk, McBain and Murphy develop defensively. Pitkanen/Gleason (This combination has always been a disaster) Faulk/Harrison (This is an ideal 3rd pairing) McBain/Murphy or Joslin (Want to see some 3 on 0s against Ward?)
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