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  1. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the game the other night. You guys played solid. It was a really fun experience. The guy with the vuvuzela was very annoying, but other than that it was an awesome time. Parking and traffic were a breeze, and everybody was respectful of all the Bhawk fans. Thanks!
  2. I am staying in Raleigh. Thanks a lot for all your input. Go Hawks. Go Canes.
  3. Hey everybody, I am very excited that I get to travel from Columbia, SC to see the Blackhawks and Canes this Friday. As a Blackhawks fan and just an overall hockey fan in Columbia, especially with no Thrashers anymore, it is very difficult to go to NHL games. When I saw the Hawks were playing the Canes in Raleigh, I was definitely excited. I have always respected the Hurricanes and their fans for basically "toughing it out" in a region that usually does not have much interest in hockey. Anyways, I will be in 109 and am looking forward to a great experience. So, I guess my question is what can I expect? Is there a hockey friendly place to eat beforehand? And what should I look forward to/ watch out for? Thanks for all your help. I cannot wait. It will definitely be excited to see the Stanley Cup banners. So with all that said, look forward to hearing from you guys and good luck this Friday!
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