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  1. I must say that was a fine year for the Canes. Really liked the stunning playoff performance by Cam Ward. I watched him at a couple of games I went to in the WHL when he played for the Red Deer Rebels. Ward was and still is amazing.
  2. Here is a sig I made yesterday. I posted it in the other sig thread but since this is the official graphic design thread, I thought I should post it here to. It is free if any one wants it.
  3. Yeah that's true. That part kinda sucks. But then what Maurice will probably do is play Toskala for about 60 games and Raycroft about 20 so that Toskala doesn't get fatigued like Raycroft did this season.
  4. Sorry about your friend man. So sad. Just a family going on vacation and they die in a car accident. Even seatbelts don't save your life.
  5. Ho man very nice 10 out of 10's for all of them BTW nice comment there in the "Most disliked players" thread
  6. If I had to make a most hated coach list..... he'd be number 1.
  7. me too. I used to hate them soo much a couple of years ago.
  8. Click on this link if you want to see my hated list. http://www.canadiens.com/eng/team/redirect.cfm?sectionID=habsRoster.cfm' target="_blank">http://www.canadiens.com/eng/team/redirect...=habsRoster.cfm[/post] LOL But no really here is my list. Sean Avery :angry: Paul Mara Daniel Alfredson Chris Neil Raffi Torres Jeremy Ronieck That's about it. There are others that annoy me too but the list would go on forever. Can't really hate a guy for scoring on your team or making a clean hit to one of your favorite players. Just a game folks.
  9. Yeah. They are doing that so they don't have to play against them very often or not even at all. The panthers should improve lots from this trade IMO.
  10. Are you kidding me? Dude Raycroft will be Leafs backup and Pogge will still be on the farm team. He is still not NHL ready yet. Leafs will probably trade JS Aubin.
  11. Hey Canes fans! Here is a sig I just made. It's free if anyone wants it. BTW that was a good pick up for the canes. I have watched him at couple of games I went to in the WHL when he played for the Red Deer Rebels. He is a good, fast offensive player.
  12. Bettman is just making things worse for all Canadian teams. He knows us Canadians will always support our teams so he tries to do everything.. (like for teams like Carolina) to make it possible for them to win the cup so they get fans. Americans (espcially south Americans and NJ) only come when there team is winning or when they are in the playoffs. Other wise.. they could care less.
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