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  1. Just running the thoughts through, but if Philly needs defense we got some of that. Maybe a multi team deal in the works?
  2. PK speaking to the media at 11:30 today according to MSmith on twitter. wonder what that is about? I guess could be ownership stuff. Interesting.
  3. Yep, I'd like to see that also, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. I don't need to say I am not a Joni fan, but, this is a good deal and all of the good prospects are basically gone. I think Joni is a great player when coupled with someone who compliments him. Obviously, we didn't have that this past season. Anyway, water under the bridge. Faith in JR. Hope. Lots of hope. And he did give a hometown discount. Got to give him credit there.
  5. Just for clarification, Joni is a good player period. I did not mean to insinuate that he wasn't. With all the talk, I had let myself get the thought that maybe he, a good player could be traded for someone else: defensive, center, back up goalie that could help us out. He has value that I think we could have used to bring in some quality people. Yes, loosing him would have put the defensive corp in a deeper hole and we would have to be REAL creative to fill his spot. Once you open up a trade, you never know what could happen: ie: San Jose, Philly etc. Yes we have change on the bench and that is so encouraging. Along with all the other things UNCCaniac8 has mentioned. But the fact remains, we have a good core team that could have been improved greatly but with the underlying fact that we are dealing with a small market team that has the spending cap minimum as the goal to meet, we find ourselves in the same position of, here it goes, the same old same old. The old rock and a hard place. Thanks. No offense intended.
  6. You know, my heart fell too. I was really hoping for something different than Joni again. I feel like we are just the definition of insanity. JR's comments sound like it is such a good thing to bring Joni back into the fold. That's what kills me. May be I am being nieve (sp) of the real interworkings, but people I feel like we're bringing back the same old same old from last year hoping to get a different outcome, but knowing it will end up the same: Me and several others cheering our hearts out, spending money we really dont need to spend, buying gas to drive 100 miles one way, spending outrageous amounts on food, buying all this overpriced Canes memorbilia all to see the Canes put a team on the ice that has very little change from last year and no hope of going to the playoffs. Ok! Now I feel a little better. Thanks for letting me vent. I may be back later for a little more venting so I can calm down.
  7. The key word is "preference". I think he is open to that if the right deal can (and will) be made. Ruutu I think stays. But then again who am I to ponder these things.
  8. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, that deal would do it. Philly needs to clear space for Bryzgalov. Now all we need is that back up goalie....HMMMMMM who could we.....Hmmmm
  9. True, I've read that here somewhere too. I think he would be a great additon. Sorry it I am not too excited, don't want to count any chickens........ Well, you know. Yandle looks real good too.
  10. Alrighty then, lets hear the list of who we think this could be. Come on, something to keep me going. Thanks
  11. Welcome all Thrashers fans! I'm glad you are here. I hate what happened, I've been through that myself before. Hopefully, one day, we can have the rivalry back in Atlanta. That is with new ownership. Welcome all!
  12. I personally find the Canes play for the past two games to be very disappointing. (trying to keep it clean) Nothing make me more "disappointed" than seeing a group of professional athletes not play to their ability. Yes, I admit I am a little angry at thier performance in the last two games. They have the talent to do better and play better. We may not be an "Elite" team, but we have the pieces of the puzzle for a great 5th place team. But those pieces are not fitting right. I am just a simple fan and dont proclaim to be some hockey guru know-it-all, but they are better than this. I look forward to Saturday, it SHOULD be a good game with a lot on the line. It would be nice to be chased for a while instead of chaseing others. But then again, it all depends on which team shows up for the game: the Category 5 Hurricanes or the slow drizzle spring rain storm. Lets go Canes!
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