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  1. Well pleased that a home game falls on a date when I'm over in NC. How long before the games do the tickets normally go on sale btw?
  2. Watched The Town the other day, and quite enjoyed it. Easy to watch action film that doesn't get too over the top. Bit cheesy at times, but well worth a watch.
  3. Hey guys, another former Thrashers fan here. From Norway, living in London, UK, and pretty new to the sport. Was torn between Thrashers and Canes as I have acquaintances in the area, but landed on Thrashers as they seemed to be the underdogs, and I'm a sucker for that. However with the Thrashers gone and a planned trip to Asheville and Raleigh in October to visit one of my best friends and to watch hockey amongst other things, and no connection to Winnipeg at all, I will be switching my allegiance to the only team left I feel I have any connection to, the Canes. Don't know if this seems petty, but feel it's the right thing to do.
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