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  1. Hi and thanks for the kind comment about O Canada! I have never been out west but my wife lived in Alberta for about 12 years--before she met and married me. She says that she would love to settle down for keeps in that western province. She lived in the northern part of the province. As for Saskatchewan she worked there as she lived about 1/2 hour from the border. She lived in Bonneyville and worked in Goodsoil (not kidding--the actual name of the village). I used to cheer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the C.F.L. but now cheer for the Toronto Argos--long distance relationships don't work for me, I guess. I was at the '89 Grey Cup when they won the Grey Cup. Those western fans are nuts about their football team, eh? I just want to say hello back to you. As far as travel goes I am hoping to take in a Canes home game and also a weekend in Arlington, Texas next year. Saskatchewan will have to wait! Cheers. Michael
  2. Thanks for the welcome. No, not an IBM'er. But I have worked at the same place since '84. I once thought of moving there when I was single but it didn't happen. I lived in Toronto for 25 years until I moved when I got married in 2000. I've spent so much time there I have always in jest say that Markham is my second home. I have been thinking of getting Skinner's jersey--if my budget allows--and I would be delighted to wear it in those parts. Am keeping my eye on the standing of course. Those Leafs, I don't know what to make of them these days. I told a co-worker of mine who is an ardent Leafs' fan that "the Leafs are a lot like cheap underwear--keeps creeping up on you. You know it's happening and it is so annoying!" Michael
  3. Okay...thanks. Michael Hi JakeChickenBisuits...thanks for the welcome. By the way, just curious but what exactly is a chicken biscuit? Michael
  4. well, like the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Point taken. Michael
  5. I'm Staal, Skinner and Ward myself. I figure that is three good reasons to cheer for the CANES. I am basically more of a player oriented fan than a team fan per se but I like this organization and feel I should get excited about how the whole team is doing as opposed to how a particular player is doing. When a Canadian based team is doing well I do cheer for them. I am honest in saying that we are long overdue for a Stanley Cup champion north of the border. Vancouver looks good this year. Would I be happy if the Canucks won the cup this year? Yes...but for now I am focused on the Canes and want to see them go as far as they possibly can. I would have conflicted feelings if say the CANES played a Canadian team from the Western Conference for the Cup--that would be hard! But for now with every victory by Carolina and every loss suffered by Buffalo, Toronto, Atlanta and Florida I am one happy camper. By the way, what makes you a Joe Corvo fan? Michael
  6. I guess that I should come here with this question--why does it say that I have 0 posts when in fact I have posted a few times? I have limited access here until I become a full member and only after I have posted 20 times. But if my post count is always 0 am I stuck in limbo forever? Thanks for putting me straight on this one. Michael Oh, I see that I have one post now. I don't know what happened to the other ones. Can I be credited with them? If not, that's okay. But I wonder why this is so? Michael
  7. Ummm...I was just wondering about something. I have posted a few times but my post count is 0. Why is that? I don't get it. My username is MichaelJay here but according to the NHL boys it is MichaelJayC--that is the one that I must use to get on here. Anyone know why my post count is 0 which really is not true? If my posts are not accredited to me then am I in noman's land on these forums or what? Is this the way it is supposed to be until you reach 20 then they appear? I am confused. Anyone know why it says 0 posts? Thanks! Michael
  8. True...One thing that I can attest to is that we Canadians are finally loud and proud and flying our flag--something you Americans have done for ions. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver really woke us up--about time! There is a lot more to us than just hockey. But we will always see the game as "our" game. What's America's sport? Baseball? It's not football, is it? Incidentally we have two official national sports--hockey is one and the other is lacrosse. Hey Captain Jack, I understand you thinking that I would be a Petes fan because of Staal. But I just don't only cheer for my team, whatever the sport, but often have favourties on other teams, those that I admire and respect. Too bad he couldn't have been an Ottawa boy in junior hockey. That would have been terrific. Hope this finds you well. I like your username--cool. Michael
  9. Quite a mix! You're all good colliefan! You cheer for the Hurricanes--THAT'S your pedigree here!! Michael
  10. Hi OBXer...greetings from the Great White North! Been busy as of late but when things settle down I will post with some kind of regularity. Yes, Toronto and Niagara Falls are places of interest. I lived in Toronto for about 25 years but moved in 2000 when I got married. I think that now I appreciate T.O. more than I did when I lived there. Funny how that can be--absence makes the heart fonder,I guess. I've been to some American cities. I liked Chicago a lot. Jacksonville was cool. My wife is hopelessly in love with Bob Evans (the restaurant, of course). I on the other hand love Five Guys (and I sure do mean the restaurant! ) I have never been to Raleigh but I'd love to go to a game there some time. This season is out but maybe next season--never too late to start planning a trip, I guess. I wonder how many of my fellow Canucks are on these boards. Gee, maybe I should start a new topic-"Calling all Canucks". That might flush us all out of the woodwork, eh? Anyway OBXer thanks for the comments and welcome. I hope the Canes make the playoffs (I just got the chills--where did that come from?!) I'd love to see them move on after the season. I believe that they can and will. I would just like to see them having a little more breathing room at this time. Cheers. Michael
  11. It was kind of odd, wasn't it? Thanks for the welcome. The Hurricanes--we're all in this together. Regards, Michael
  12. The Pete's? No--the Ottawa 67's! One of my favourite jerseys is the 67's jersey that was autographed by the guys after their New Years Day game against the Owen Sound Attack. I love junior hockey. But the gold medal game at the World Juniors in Buffalo left me stunned--absolutely stunned. It was a total shock how they folded so completely in the third period. A good lesson learned--never take anything in hockey for granted. Thanks for the welcome. It was a challenge getting on here--enough to make me do this But we succeeded. All my best to you captain jack. Michael
  13. Hi everyone from the land of the Maple Leaf! After some technical difficulties I have finally landed on these boards. I'll spare you the details but thanks to the admin's gracious help I am finally connected here. I am a fan of the Hurricanes and it is largely due to Eric Staal being my favourite player--hard not to cheer for his team, eh? I also admire Cam Ward and am quite impressed and excited over the youngster Jeff Skinner. I want to say that you all put on a wonderful All-Star celebration--you should be proud...I am of you. Thanks for making it a memorable event even though I could not get down there myself. I live in a small community about an hour and a half north of Toronto, Ontario. No, I was never a Leaf fan. I get sick of hearing about them all the time up here. I did manage to get to the game against the Leafs at the ACC recently and was disappointed about the 3-0 loss but was so delighted to see them in person--finally! There were not that many Canes fans there but despite our small numbers Leaf fans knew we were there! By the way I have worked over 26 years in Markham--home of Jeff Skinner. Although I do not live there I am claiming him as being one of my own! I just want to extend warm greetings from the "Frozen North" to you. Glad to be here. Take care and GO CANES GO! Cheers! Michael
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