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  1. I just watched "My Soul To Take". And oh my god, that movie was god awful. Do not see it.
  2. I'm glad to see a bit of punishment for that hit. Whether it be accident or not (I honestly could not tell), they really need to put a little more emphasis on those kinds of potential injuries. Intentional or not, they need to crack down on allowing players to get away with just minor/major penalties. In all truth, a hit like that could injure a player to the point where his hockey career could end, or even worse. The more they crack down on those hits, the more likely players will become more prone to actually trying to avoid laying a hit like that, instead of a...woops sorry didn't mean to. But that is just my two cents. Again I couldn't tell if it was intentional or not, but I think they did the right thing here in suspending him a few games.
  3. Thanks for these. Love that picture of Ruutu against the glass.
  4. So I figured I would introduce myself considering I have to before I can post in any other forum. My name is Daniel and have been watching the canes only since the 07-08 season, unfortunately I missed them becoming Stanley Cup Champions, however maybe I'll get to see it this year! I don't have season tickets, but am lucky enough to have a friend who does, and whenever he can't make the games he gives me his seats! (Section 117, 5th or 6th row back). My favorite players ever since I became a Canes fan are Gleason and Cole, however I love everyone on our team excluding Pitkanin - sorry Pit lovers. I just don't ever see any hustle out of him not to mention he takes the worst penalties at the worst time. But anyway, yeah that is me. Hope to get to know some of you on here.
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