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  1. Wxray1, from your previous comment I took it to mean you wanted 80% of the people to stay home. Perhaps I assumed to much. No harm meant....
  2. No wxray1 Im not fine with people suffering. If I was medical person an saw things through your glasses, I would most likely side with the panic. However Im a business person who has to lay off a lot of people and watch them suffer. I know all to well the suffering of families that have no way to make an income. My point in all of this, is BALANCE.. You can not cure the problem by fear and wrecking our economy. We have to start trusting one another to do the right thing. In your thoughts you have no problem asking millions of people to lose everything they have worked their lives for, by just hiding at home. I call B.S. Instead of coming together as a nation and making a balanced decision, we accept media panic and again try to cure the headache by removing the head.. However as I said, I don't disrespect your view, I simply don't agree with it..
  3. Hey KJUNKANE, You and I and the other half of the population are just going to agree to disagree on this.. We may all hide in our homes in fear, while more people will lose their jobs and small businesses close. Then when the virus has run its course, we have nothing to come back to but chaos. If the experts are correct (see below) 80% of the people who catch this can recover from home. If this is so, why react in fear and cause people to lose their homes and wreck our economy? I refuse to live in over hyped fear. However I don't disrespect your view, I just simply don't agree with it. "Most cases of the virus are known to cause mild, cold-like symptoms, with the majority of those who test positive recovering over time, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)." "If you are coughing, if you have a fever, if you feel tired, and you think that you have been exposed to COVID-19, stay at home, "We know that 80 percent of the people who are infected will have a mild disease that may go through -- the person can go through the disease just by staying home and protecting others."
  4. Perhaps two sides to their behavior. One they believe your friend should always do what is best for them. Or the media has them terrified to see people at or near a restaurant. I was reading the do's and don'ts list from the WV Governors order and it said it was okay to take your dog to the vet, but not good to visit your mom in a rest home. You can not go inside your favorite restaurant to eat, but you can all gather at Walmart...God help us.....(imo we are trying to cure the headache by cutting off the head)
  5. My word for the entire mess is Bamboozled. I feel completely Bamboozled out of toilet paper and no hockey. Hmmmm, well I wont say any more.....
  6. If the threat of having a bad cold wiped out the T.P. stock. I cant imagine whats going to happen when we really have a crisis.......🤧
  7. I agree with you here and think its more a long the line of not being arrested by the culture police.. Someone might sue the nhl or the arena for catching something after they didnt wash their hands or picked their nose. In the times we live in now, its always someones fault and not your own. And of course Im bias here and hate the thoughts of no hockey....
  8. Agree!! This team has a lot of issues right now and imo the goalie position is the least of them....
  9. Spot on... Being a one line only team, is not going to get you many wins... The talent was on this team this year, for some reason the leadership could not bring it together. Ive been very pleased that TD has spent money to do something rather than nothing. At least this is refreshing to go out and try and instead of the we like our group talk...
  10. Caps cant stay out of the box.....
  11. No disrespect to others opinion, but my eye test says, Rod plays favors to J.Staal and has lost the room. This team had several periods of not showing up long before Hamilton went down, so I dont blame it on injuries... Week after week of the same mistakes with no improvements, says coaching staff doesnt know how to fix it, or the players refuse, or cant.......I am out of the excuse kool-aide mode....
  12. 4 pt weekend is now a must....
  13. Im not so worried about the Canes goalie issues as I am the inconsistency of play. Without stringing some wins together real soon, we will be shopping for a goalie a lot sooner...
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