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  1. Good thing I didnt buy the Canes before Dundon... Cause Aho would be on his way to Montreal and I would have 8.5 million to spend elsewhere.... the kid is good but not worth all this hype he/agent behavior today.....
  2. Id find a way to make sure Aho is playing in lovely Montreal next season and never look back..
  3. I have to think J.Willy is being groomed as the future next GM.....I bet he will play next year if we need him too
  4. Imo, we have to make a offer to Bob as Option A. Option B. wait out the market and see what Maz and Mac decide to do. Option A+ as of right now. move up and take this kid Knight in the draft and play Ned next year in a starter or back role. Nonetheless its not a dire strait situation at the moment...
  5. I dont always agree, but when I do, its 100% on the above. IMO Aho still has some growing to do, and though Im a Pete Maz fan, Im not sold on him as the number 1. I actually thought Mac was the better number 1.
  6. Imo, tonight begins the gauntlet of the evil schedule maker.. Nonetheless its all about pts and not the opponent.. (isn't this a great time to be a Canes Fan)
  7. Looking at the March schedule of opponents, reminds me of the movie Gauntlet... pts will be hard to come by....
  8. 61 games into the season and we are a plus 8, fighting for a wild card spot and most nights pretty dang good in net. If we dont make a deal now, or even if we dont make the dance, I for one have enjoyed the effort from these guys.
  9. This team is better without Staal in the line up. He's missed to many games to be effective and points matter now...... Chemistry buster imo....
  10. Do we really have to let him play?????????😣
  11. Agree....Please sit him the rest of the season
  12. Greed is a powerful motivator, I want those 2pts today.......
  13. If (a word I dislike) However, if they come out of the break and win 8 out of 10.... all the above is for gone...just saying!!! 😀
  14. Would not suprise me if it was...If by chance he has expressed he doesnt want to be in Carolina, then so be it....
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