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  1. Is there a stat for how fast you give up a goal after scoring? If their is, no doubt we are Number 1....
  2. Really dont need to give teams you are chasing a point....
  3. Aho 3 chances and nothing.... remind me what we agreed too???? lol...jking
  4. This is not a good hockey team..... right now
  5. lol Dzingle with only 8 goals??????? How about most anybody????
  6. I hope Dzingle calls out some goals... So far this is turning out to be a poor signing decision...
  7. imo, switching lines is nothing more than scrambling the same ole eggs... This team needs some heart & soul desire to win every night. The talent is there, they just dont bring it every shift. After the 2nd part of last season, I thought the Bipolar Canes were a thing of the past, now not so sure......
  8. wonder if the Caps would consider Aho for Samsonov
  9. Why does this team struggle so hard to get UP for games...
  10. Being a fan of this team is not for the faint of heart... or a membership to the AA group...
  11. Why cant our coaching staff motivate this team? Poor effort
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