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  1. Winning feels so much better the morning after... 😁 Maybe this is the last losing streak of the year
  2. To Bad for Tom Dundon spending all this money for a bunch of jerks who cant play together.. (So far it looks like Montreal got the better of the deal over the summer.).. Setting the rant to the side, im wondering if any of the coaches really have any idea what this teams problem is? As a professional arm chair know it all, I have no idea..
  3. Svech playing like he got an offer sheet...
  4. Nino, Staal, Gardnier and insert any other here___________________ paper weights
  5. This is not a good hockey team....
  6. Perhaps It left with Ferland & Saku Maenalanen... Would like to see more grit and gravel out of this group..
  7. Never fails, when you FAIL to bury your chances.. You get scored on...... on to the 2nd
  8. I just wanted see a full level of compete hockey game.. No playing down to the competition or shifts off. If you are being paid to play a high end game, I want to see those offer sheet type players earn it... EARN IT.....
  9. Glad I went to bed after the first period. Looks like we are going through another identity crisis.
  10. Well the jokes on me, lol... I went to bed to early.. way to go Svech!
  11. Just once it would be nice to get through the first 10 games. And not have to say IF............
  12. 6 of the first 8 games B2B and we are 6-2.. not bad.. shoot the schedule maker
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