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  1. Let's just remember, it will take a week or so for everything to get going. We're still going to look like we have been tomorrow, but line changes will undoubtedly be better and pairings will make more sense in terms of our guys vs theirs. Feels good to have a competent coach who loves aggressive play though instead of Paul "I don't want you guys to break a sweat" Maurice.
  2. Fire Mo tomorrow, we can be a serious contender by Christmas.
  3. Honestly, my hate for Tampa goes beyond just hockey. Being a Panthers fan, I hate all our divisional rivals. So, Tampa and Atlanta (well, now Winnipeg) are very much hated. Washington as well, because I can't stand the Redskins. So, it just kinda naturally happened. I enjoy the rivalries, as all of the SE is fun to hate and the games are usually pretty good within the division. But just seeing how dirty Tampa is with other teams verifies my feelings towards them. When you get Philly retaliating to YOU, you know you're classy. lol
  4. Watching them play the Flyers, and my hate for them only grows. This is strange, considering how much I despise Philly, but I think my hate for TB has outgrown that of Philly.
  5. Oh, playoffs are still very possible. I agree, we need Mo out and need him out now. However, a win is what we need. We won't play good, because we just don't when Mo has been here these years, but finding a way to win is necessary. Here is my thinking...if JR hasn't done it by now, he won't this year. If anything, he'll let his contract run out and let him go, then (hopefully) give Francis or hell, even Lewis or Wesley the job. I think any of them would be an improvement. Give them 1 year to do something. If they don't get it going, you bring somebody in from outside the organization. Think that is the smartest business decision to make.
  6. How big would a win be Friday? On a 3 game losing streak, the Rangers on a 4 game win streak. It would be a solid win against a team who is mildly better than us and it would be nice to win this game, considering the momentum they have with their wins mounting up (they're 4 points out and gaining on Pitt for the lead in the Northeast and have outplayed everybody else in the division the past 10 games). What say you? Do we get win 6 Friday or do we fall and fall behind freakin' Winnipeg in the Southeast?
  7. We definitely need to hire outside of the organization and we need to do it before the end of November. Can't let ourselves get in a hole early. The conference, and the division, is just too good to fall behind early.
  8. I have been a HUGE Mo fan over the years. I defended him last year when we were struggling. The inconsistency and the inability to adjust is absolutely killing us. We need a fresh face to spark this team. WAAAAY too much talent to be losing. The way it looks, the only team we will definitely beat on any given night in the division is the Jets, and that isn't saying much. We need a fresh start with a new coach who has a new scheme that is up-to-par with the rest of the league. What say you?
  9. Do it to a Skynyrd song. And do it to "Gimme back my bullets". Just because that would be awesome.
  10. Well, Crawford only gets it if Chicago makes it either to the conference championship or the Stanley Cup, period. Grabner is the one who scares me most, really. Guy's stick is lightning and he's deadly accurate. Logan Couture is good, but I just think Skinner is better. And, as somebody said, Couture is on a better team. Skinner deserves it, flat out. He's been awesome all year and he will be a star in this league before long. We make the playoffs and get to the Eastern Championship games, he may make it on the cover of an NHL video game. I'd love that!
  11. Hey ya'll. Decided last night I needed to make an account here. Been lurking for a while. I became a Canes fan at the start of the 2005 season when a buddy of mine made me sit down and watch with him. I believe it was a Leafs game, and he's a Leafs fan. So, being the friend I am, I pulled for the home team. Getting a Stanley Cup as a new fan in 2006 was weird, only because I was called a bandwagon fan. But I will stick with this team till I die or they leave (also been a Carolina Panthers fan since 1995...still am). So, this is just my "get to know me" thread. Look forward to good talks! GO CANES!
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