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  1. Semin is skating in New Jersey. Heard this last week. http://www.northjersey.com/sports/hockey/devils/gomez-trying-out-with-devs-1.1077364
  2. The last few years as a Full season STH I was upset if I missed a game and only missed two games in two seasons. This season and especially the last few weeks I'm eating alot of tickets or giving them away. Just don't want to make the effort to go on a weeknight with work the next day. I still do watch the games sitting on my couch and will always support the team. But I find it worrying that it doesn't really matter if I'm at the game or watching it on TV. For that reason I am out next season. There really is no benefit so to speak for renewing. If it comes down to getting "playoff" tickets next year I'll just sign up for some sort of plan that they will inevitably offer. Now to decide what new toy I want with my 2014-2015 ticket money
  3. Yeah.......I was there last night too......same feeling. Total 3rd period collapse and had to deal with the Rangers fans who were smaller in numbers but LOUD! I'm out on my STH next year too. My entertainment budget outside of hockey just grew by $6,000.
  4. Agree with what Sucka said..............The Hurricanes are down 1000 season ticket holders this year. PK said it himself and said it was a combination of raising prices and not winning. I guess I can be considered one of the losses from last year as I went form a full season to splitting a full season this year. So my STH numbers are down by 50% although my game numbers are only down 25% because if I'm in the mood to go I can just pick up a $20 Lower level ticket outside of the arena. Next year I am definitely out, I like the benefits of being a STH but I like my money more. If the team can ever get to a level where its a challenge to get tickets at a discounted rate then I'd be happy to get back in the STH game. Still a fan and always will be a fan. I will still watch every game I can.....but just changing my STH support
  5. 2 seats in the lower level section 124 Row J $40 each............tickets are $100 each if you buy them from the box office Can meet in RTP or Wake Forest. I will also be at the Friday Night game
  6. I'm looking to split tickets in the lower level. What I would like to do is is each buy a ticket next to each other and split the games so that we each keep our priority and each have benefits. I also have the discount from last season. email me at canesfan41@yahoo.com
  7. I would think that Tampa Bay is a comprable market. Many more benefits too Tampa Bay Lower Level end zones - Low Rows $52 High Rows $40 (doesn't matter which end) Hurricanes Lower Level South Low Rows $66 High Rows $49 Hurricanes Lower Level North Low Rows$59 High Rows $44 Tampa Bay promenade Corner (same as Sideline Premier) Low Rows $60 High Rows $55 Hurricanes Sideline Premier $80 Sideline Premier Value $64 Tampa Bay Promenade Sideline (same as Center Ice Premier) $82 Hurricanes Center Ice Premier $99 In Tampa Bay if you pay in full you have a chance at 500 awesome prizes http://lightning.nhl.com/v2/ext/pdf/2013/STM_PayInFull_Drawing_2013.pdf Tampa Bay aslo gives 25% off Food and Beverage and 35% off merchandise for full season ticket holders Just comparing for the heck of it............I did renew my seats for next season so I can get my 10% F&B Credit
  8. 3 Seats to the Carolina Hurricanes vs Pittsburg Penguins on Thursday February 28th Hurricanes vs Penguins February 28th Seat is in Section 127 Row P $70 per ticket. Seats sell for $90 at the box office. Hard Copy Tickets in hand. Can also send through my Hurricanes account manager with a Paypal payment. We can meet face to face in Wake Forest or RTP and anywhere in between
  9. 1) Who scores the first goal of the season? Tlusty 2) Who scores the first assist (primary assist only if there are 2) Brent 3) Who takes the first penalty of the season? LaRose 4) What will that penalty be for? Goalie Interference 5) Who scores the first PP goal? Faulk 6) Who has the first fighting major of the season? Harrison Part 2 1) What will the Canes record be on and including Feb 12th?(after the first 12 games) 7-3-2 2) How many games will our back up goalie have played by and including Feb 12th? 0
  10. Could Dalpe be on the Trading block? Could Dalpe be on the Trading block?
  11. Received my check in the mail yesterday. Felt good to have that big check back. I'm actually going to take the check plus the money that I would of spent on food, merchandise and other items and put it away for a down payent on a new sports car at the beginning of next season. Then if there is a season next year I will take next years ticket money and pay the monthly payments for the car and so on and so on for a few more years until the car is paid off. So in a round about way giving up my season tickets will allow me to have the nice toy I always wanted and have something to show for my money. Will I ever get back to the games?.............yes I'll be buying cheap tickets on game night in the resell zone. Will I ever get season tckets again?.........thats up to the NHL. After this CBA situation is resolved I might buy tickets only if the next CBA is resolved without a lockout or strike. I also know a few friends who have cancelled their season tickets and alot more casual fans who seem to not care anymore. And a 3% loss of a small pot is an even smaller pot
  12. I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just cancelled my Season Tickets. Shortened seasons are BS and the 5% interest rate and discounts on the next two seasons ticket plans mean nothing to me as I won't be getting a season ticket plan again. I'll pick up some $5 tickets in the resell zone if I decide to go. I often see JR at my favorite restaurant and I'll be sure to kindly let him know I've decided to cancel. I'll be curious to hear his reaction. It;s going to take the NHL a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg time to get back to where they were.
  13. Darren Dreger just said on the NHL Network that he wouldn't be surprised to see Ruutu traded by the end of next week........bummer
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