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  1. here's brodeur's opinion... http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/article.jsp...326_165424_5236
  2. [quote name=elchrisco}Crosby gets too much credit for doing too little... now' date=' before I get slaughtered for that... look at his stat totals... look at the number of assists he has. The vast majority of those are second assists, rather then first assists. He's not setting the plays up, he's just passing the puck to everybody, and then hovers around, maybe taking a shot or getting the puck back to make another pass. I get so irritated when I hear "Gretzkyish vision" because, well, Lets face it, Gretzky's "stop at the top of the circle and spin and pass" move had nothing to do with vision, it's just common sense. The far winger of course would be behind, as he had to slow down at the blue line, or be the third man playing high. In any case... Ovechkin over Crosby 9 times out of 10. Basically, do you want a guy who is defensively responsible and isn't afraid to crash the net and set up one timers from beside the net, Or do you want a guy who simply throws the puck to everybody from everywhere, and then falls faster then Kiprusoff going into the butterfly every time he gets touched? At least Ovechkin will hit somebody, and hard. Ovechkin this year= Erik Cole last year... just with a touch less grit and more skill.[/quote] this is obviously written by someone who doesn't understand hockey very well. i loath this second assist argument. everyone in the league get's credit for second assists (not just crosby). secondly, a lot of times, the second assist is the better assist. if there is a second assist...it is usually the pass that sets up the play. if this weren't the case the second assist wouldn't exist. gretzky-esque vision does not mean hitting the trailing offensive player (not always the opposite winger...could be a defenceman. it's just the 3rd person in the offensive zone) anyone who ever really WATCHED gretzky knows what i'm talking about. if someone has 1,936 career assists (second is francis with 1,249 and played three more seasons....gretz also has the top 7 best assist seasons of all-time) he isn't just hitting the trailing man in the rush. in hockey, a lot of times vision = "hockey intuition". it's not an x's and o's thing. it's a gift..gretz obviously had it, and sid apparently has it too. when a 19 year old wins the scoring title and the art ross (not yet....but it's inevitable) it's not just a coincidence. and it's definately not because of some "second assist" sham.
  3. i guess it depends what you want for your team. ovechkin is as pure a goal scorer as you can get and probably the best 1 on 1 player in the game. where as crosby is so strong on his skates and makes everyone around him better with his vision on the ice. i don't pay attention to the "sidney is a whiner" and "ovechkin is consieted" crap because it's all manufactured by the media. i think it's great that they both have a mutual respect for eachother and are able to joke around about the "who is better" topic (like in the new nhl commercial). either way you can't go wrong. i would have to go with crosby because of his work ethic, gretky-esque vision and because i think he will be better over the course of his career.
  4. orr was great...lemieux was great...howe was incredible. but honestly...how are any of these guys better than gretzky... i know everyone has the tendency to compare the best, and all arguments are well received...but come on... he was only the most dominating player in sports history....count the records.... people will argue mario's and orr's health hindered them...but isn't durability all a part of being the best????
  5. tootoo didn't have his gloves off either...have you even seen it???
  6. you guys have a warped view of a sucker punch. first of all....robidas was facing him. a sucker punch constitutes a player being unaware of what's coming at him. second of all....HE HAD HIS BLOODY GLOVE ON. if the guy wasn't knocked out it wouldn't have even made the highlights. compare that act to orpik's hit from behind on cole and then do the math.... i'm all for getting the headhunting crap out of the game...but the nhl has been really inconsistent.... and truth be told...we still need aggressive play in hockey...
  7. crosby is playing for 850,000 this year....and yes...he does make a fair bit in bonuses...but why would the pens trade the best player in the league??? especially at that price????
  8. are we really that hard to understand??? LOL
  9. jim rutherford looks like a genius. first of all, stealing (yes...grand larceny thieving) williams from the flyers for danny markov. secondly, getting him under contract for the next three years. any team in the league would love a player of his ilk...
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