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  1. Welcome!! I wonder if I will see a lot of Thrasher jerseys in Raleigh next season. I hate to lose a Deep South team.
  2. I plan on getting Ward's jersey. You confirmed what I thought about the white jersey, which is what I'm leaning towards.
  3. I am about to invest in a Reebok Premier jersey for next season. I was forced to wear a blank CCM home jersey to both an away game in Atlanta and a home game last season. I need help choosing one.
  4. Hello, Just started following the NHL and ice hockey in general during the 2009-2010 season. Myrtle Beach is a typical Northern transplant city with a plethora of foreign team fans (Flyers, Bruins, Penguins). My "Eye" decal seems to turn a lot of heads here. I feel like a pilgrim in a unholy land. Go 'Canes! -Alex
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