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  1. Someone on here made that Avatar a long time ago, right after the Thrashers moved and I converted to the Canes. So whoever did that..thank you! I agree with your point on Skinner. He will never be a two-way forward. The problem with that is, if you're going to pay someone $5.5 million to be a one-way forward, they better do a lot of scoring. As much as--using Ovechkin again--Ovie's +/- is criticized, it's much easier to swallow when he is scoring 50 goals a year. Skinner, at this point, is about a 50 point guy. The other reality is that he is 22. Ask the Bruins what happens when you give up on a 22 year old with perceived shortcomings too quickly.
  2. On Skinner and his defense, take these stats as you will: Last year, 75.4% of his zone starts were in the offensive zone. This year, 66.5%. Considering that Alex Ovechkin has made 59.6% and 57.4% in the offensive zone in that same time frame, and he was -35 last year. The point is, even Alex Ovechkin is trusted with more defensive zone responsibilities. Skinner starting just 24.6% of shifts in the defensive zone last year is an incredible stat.
  3. Thanks for the avatar compliments everyone. I didn't make it though! I forget who did, so whoever created it please step up and accept your kudos And yeah, Captain Can, make me feel welcome! I kid, of course. You guys have been nothing short of spectacular. On the Ponikarovsky signing, it could be hit or miss as I said. But at $1.5 million it's worth the risk, even for a budget-conscious team like Carolina.
  4. Kinda "meh" on this. He's a big body, yes--but size is useless if you don't use it and he fits that category nicely. 20-goal potential, however...one of those kind of "low-risk, high-reward" signings.
  5. I wouldn't stencil their names in on the Cup just yet, but I'd say the Canes are improved. The most important things were the minor ones. First is a competent back-up goalie to take the load off of Ward. That alone is huge. Tim Brent is a glue guy who kills penalties which is always helpful. Kaberle will improve the power play. Stewart has 20-goal potential which I think was a little untapped in Atlanta. Overall, I'm pretty excited about the way the team is coming together. Again, we're not looking at a Stanley Cup contender but I'd say a playoff spot is a reasonable goal. After that, you start to build towards something.
  6. I'm not certain this is a bad move. I think it's actually a decent improvement. After watching Kaberle quite a bit in New England (I'm forced to watch a lot of Bruins games with Bruins friends) I think it's safe to say he was absolutely atrocious in Boston. That being said, I don't think he really fit the mold there. He's more of a finesse guy and Boston is anything but finesse. He didn't really fit their power play and it wasn't working out. All that said, I think he's got good potential down here. Carolina is more of a puck-movement team and I think Kaberle still can be an excellent power play quarterback. He is a world-class passer but is sometimes too reluctant to shoot. That's the one thing that worries me with him and Pitkanen on the point--we might not get enough shots from our D on the power play.
  7. Exactly. Rutherford isn't stupid. Whether or not he makes a big signing or not, which I'm not a huge advocate of (free agency can be a death trap for teams with tighter payrolls), he's not going to publicly say it either way. Obviously the guys already within the organization he can comment on, but if he comes out and says "our priority is to sign Brad Richards" all it will do is drive the price up. It's better to be coy about free agents.
  8. Harrison re-signing at a reasonable price is nice. He's a serviceable defenseman at a low cost. Pitkanen is replaceable but I'd take him back at the right price. Same with Joslin as a 7th defenseman. Looking at the UFA list, James Wisniewski would be a nice fit though he'll probably get more than he probably should. Either way, he could replace Pitkanen's offensive contributions. The only thing is that he's 27 and is probably going to demand some good coin for someone looking to lock him up long-term.
  9. I definitely agree. He could be one of two things: either a nice veteran presence with some offensive flair left, or an injury-prone bust. I feel like at the right price the risk for the former is worth it.
  10. Drury is a risk. 24 games last year and one goal. He was on pace for about a 20-point season. Granted he'll come at a discount, but we'd be getting a 35-year-old with a decent risk. On the flip side, it's a low-risk high-reward situation as I can't see him making more than $2-$3 million.
  11. The difference between the Dipietro deal and anything Cole will get is the DiPietro contract was 15 years. Cole won't get anything that long-term, so if they do overpay it won't be an overpayment they'll have to sit on for a decade.
  12. jb, do you mind if I use that for my avatar? It goes well with my name and the tough transition I'm going through
  13. I'm not totally sold on Dave Lewis after seeing how poorly Boston performed under his regime, but I think it's pretty well accepted throughout hockey that Brind'Amour is a great hockey guy and a born leader. Should be interesting to see what their respective roles are within the coaching staff.
  14. Hello all, I'm another transplanted Thrashers fan. I live in Maine and have my whole life but fell in love with the Thrashers when I was younger. I'm almost 22 now and miss the Thrashers dearly. However, I need a new team and it's definitely not going to the Bruins and I can't bring myself to follow the Thrashers to Winnipeg. So, I'm adopting the Canes. I've been to one game in Raleigh on a road trip I went on last spring break (en route to Atlanta) when the Canes lost to the Maple Leafs...I told my buddy it was a Caniac tryout in case the Thrashers moved; never dreamed it'd actually happen. So, here I am..I'm ready to get this thing going and plan on loving the Canes as passionately as I loved the Thrashers (which if you know me, which you don't, was quiiitteee a bit). I look forward to meeting you all. Let's get this thing rolling... GO CANES
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