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  1. Booth is under contract with the Canucks for the next 3 years. He did run into some injury issues but did make a good line with Kesler and Higgins (despite what many like to think). It would be tough to let him go, but for the right pieces I'm sure the Canes could pry him out of the Canucks hands.
  2. They also have to give up what...4 first rounders? Or is it 2 firsts, a 2nd and a 3rd? EDIT: re: caphit, could be either making another big move, OR Pronger's hit doesn't come off if he retires right? Edit 2: just re read the RFA rules, looks like its 4 1st round picks.
  3. Weber signs offer sheet from Flyers. 14 years, up to 100mil total. wooooowie.
  4. You are correct. The Canucks traded Cody Hodgson and Alex Sulzer to tr Sabres for Gragnani and Zack Kassian. I don't really get why Gillis didn't qualify this guy. Yeah, he didn't play very well for the Canucks in the few chances he got but to give him up for nothing? I certainly wasn't ready to give up on him. essentially we just swapped depth defenseman. Gragnani for Joslin
  5. Anyone care to explain the 2nd rule? Just that you can swat the puck with your hand in the faceoff? Also re: the first rule, dunno about awarding a goal. Would it have to be one of those cases where the puck is clearly under someone's hand across the goal line but the "puck can't be seen"? (aka common sense?)
  6. Around 2:10. They did tough on actual hockey stuff, but started off with sillier stuff.
  7. There are plenty of teams I like, there's only one team I love. There is nothing wrong with not hating the rest I the league. Like I said, there are still guys on the Pens roster I like, but Staal was a big reason I followed them. Now that he is here, I will be paying more attention here than I did before.
  8. Luongo on Jeff O'Neill show: "It's time to move on". Makes it more or less official if it wasn't already before. In other news, turns out he also does not pee in showers. Gotta wonder where they come up with these questions.
  9. I know. I was referring more to the Shero offer than the Rutherford contract. Don't get me wrong I really REALLY want to see him do well and exceed my expectations, I was just taken by surprise that Shero offered him such a big contract (again, since with Malkin and Sid there he'd still essentially be a 6 million dollar 3rd liner). I understand more why Rutherford would have offered that kind of money as he is pretty much guaranteed the 2nd line centre spot at least. PS, I also want to say that I was impressed that Jordan turned down the Penguins deal. I thought it showed that it certainly wasn't just about money to him. Showed that he wanted to play, and have the opportunity to show that he has more to offer.
  10. I did notice his skating was better than before, but I won't say I disagree with you in terms of his contract. Like I've already said, I'm a JStaal fan, but 6 million is quite a chunk of money...and for 10 years to. Seems like the contract was offered with the assumption that the cap will keep going up and up and up. I guess only time will tell if he can stay healthy and finally get consistent top 6 time if he's really worth that contract.
  11. So with Edler, Hamhuis, Bieksa, Ballard, Tanev, Garrison and Alberts already in Vancouver, what are the chances this guy actually gets to play with the Canucks? AHL callup? Judging by the reaction from this thread it doesn't seem like you guys are surprised he was bought out.
  12. Always had a thing for the Staal boys (don't know why Jordan stuck out) and (though some Pens fans will surely disagree with me) I like Jordan's style of play and I think he's just one of those likeable, hard working guys.
  13. Vanucks91


    If you didn't do it the first time, next time try layering the curds and fries so that not all the curds are at the top. Might not be the traditional way to do it, but I find it quite dissatisfying when I get to the bottom and there is no more cheese. Honestly, how poutine hasn't caught on around the world is beyond me.
  14. Thanks for the welcome guys. Is there a waiting period for new topics on this board?
  15. Hello Canes fans =). As you can probably tell from my name I'm first and foremost a Canucks fan. However, I'm also a big Jordan Staal fan and ...well...he's a Cane now. I should also mention that I've had a soft spot for the Hurricanes since the lockout so I'm happy he went to a team I actually like. Before working up the courage to actually introduce myself I took a peek at the SCF 2011 thread to make sure I wasn't about to get ripped apart for showing my face here so hopefully my analysis of the attitude toward the Canucks isn't too off. My previous run-ins with Carolina fans have always been positive and I've found most Canes fans to be courteous and very knowledgeable not just about their team but hockey in general. I hope to have some good discussions with you guys in the coming months.
  16. Dorf wants to be my friend. aw shucks.

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