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  1. Good for Ramsey cuz its not like he had any real chance with Waddell behind the scenes breathing down his neck.
  2. Any of you seen this interview yet? http://blogs.ajc.com/atlanta-thrashers-blog/2011/04/29/five-questions-with-anthony-stewart/
  3. Id like to check this game out but since I travel all over SC and GA its gonna be tough.
  4. Sorry pal, didnt mean you at all. I meant captain Caniac lol. Most everyone has been great here! And very knowledgable too. Glad to be here.
  5. Things are looking up to me. Bigger, tougher and deeper on back side were what I thought the canes needed. Boucher was a big pick up. Staal needs to set the tone quickly since hes the sole leader now.
  6. I can see that lol. At least quite a few work out. Thrashcaniac - love the avi! Superdave/CC - trashcan? Not very welcoming Poni is a big dude who knows this is a big chance to get his game back on track, hit hard and often my friend.
  7. I got nothing on Karmanos but ASG is a different ball game. I hope they end up bankrupt and get theirs in the end. And Im not a vindictive guy.
  8. Thanks for the welcome and the help. I figure most boards have reg security of some sort. Superdave/CC told me they have a two day wait period for newbies so we'll see if they want a displaced Thrash fan. If not, as a Thrash fan Im used to getting dumped on. Hah
  9. Maybe you can shed some light for me then, I registered forever ago with them and they still wont approve me to post there. They got something against ex Thrasher fans? Maybe you can tell them Im not a rival anymore.
  10. So has another shoe dropped with Corvo wanting out or is this just a player who knew he was getting traded at the deadline anyway and not wanting to uproot his family mid season? Thanks for the welcome
  11. Preds have put on the big sell for us ex-thrash fans to join them but you fans make us feel wanted and welcomed here. Im not high on joining FL bandwagon for either of those teams plus the panthers may be the next one gone. Captain caniac- are you the same superdave from letsgocanes.com? Ive been checking around the web trying to get to know what you caniacs are all about. Winnypeg aint happening for me though I hope the players are happy there.
  12. It always seems in smaller markets that butts in seats correlates almost exactly to wins and losses. If the canes can come out of the gates strong people will come. At least im hoping I didnt just jump on the bandwagon.of another Atlanta-like team!
  13. My daughter picked my screen name. You should be Crimson Chin with that avi or superdave or captain caniac or whatever, hah!
  14. Stewart is the type of hard nosed big player the canes have been missing since tjey won the cup, give him a chance to mature and he'll be a solid piece. Maybe he could use some Brindamour training sessions.
  15. MN is tired of being a 2nd class citizen in the west. I love seeing people who make their own bed have to lie in it, Heatly's bed is a messy one.
  16. I would be. He's someone Id take a risk on but I wouldnt give up the farm or give him more than 1 year.
  17. Is anyone else worried ticket sales will fall way down? Theres no all star game, theyre not coming off some big run, and theres no big splash signing to spark the fanbase. Anyone know what the sth base is?
  18. Ex Thrasher fan here. Nice to see us homeless fans can find shelter here. You guys will love Stewart, Atlanta was a graveyard for good up an coming players. I bet he thrives in Carolina cause you all do well with player projects. I wouldnt call him a top 6 guy just yet but he can get there.
  19. Great read. History will be made & will repeat itself too.
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