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  1. So this may be beating a dead horse .. I just read where the Flames Gm said he had his eye on Derek Ryan for well over a year.. ok so should we be angry that Francis did nothing at the trade deadline when he could have at least shipped Ryan off for some draft picks or prospects or something.. by the time the draft rolled around everyone knew ryan was gonna go into free agency so Waddell couldnt trade him with him being a pending free agent no team in their right mind would risk something.. and if this is an old topic i apologize..
  2. You know i read these boards almost every day, i dont post very often and i want to think it has been maybe a year since my last post. but i am going to throw in my two cents. We are only 6 games into the season and we have 6 points.. some of you guys act like we might as well just give up now and it is kind of frustrating.. the season is barely 3 weeks old i think everyone needs to step back and take a breath and just see what happens, yes i know its frustrating to see the canes lose it is frustrating to see them miss the playoffs but you know some of the negative attitudes around here make some of you guys sound just as bad as all the actual sports writers who have written the canes off..i have been a canes fan since they moved to NC and ill be the first to admit that there is a lot i dont know about hockey but what i do know is i love the sport and i am proud that we have a team in north carolina and i am proud to be a fan of the only professional team in north carolina to bring home a championship.. with that said i love the canes win or lose playoffs or not and i will always be a fan..
  3. Some of the lists of winners I have seen have an asterisk for the shortened season
  4. Look at it this way.. the cup winner this year will have an asterisk by their name because of the shortened season.
  5. i cant wait for it to get warmer the tuck is literally in my backyard like 50ft away from my house
  6. Hey man i am just down the road in cullowhee.. it is kind of cool i see kids wearing canes shirts and stuff so i figure they are from Raleigh. had center ice till my roomate moved out on me with out warning and had the direct tv shut down ..but i have found a good site that streams it so i am not too disappointed, i just feel like sometimes our fellow Caniacs from the eastern part of the state take having the team so close for granted.. now dont get me wrong i get frustrated and disappointed when the team loses and it irritates me when there is talk of the team moving, but i still watch and will still watch no matter what because i am a canes fan but first and foremost and i think this goes for all of us i Love the sport of hockey above all others, and at the end of the day we should be happy win or lose that we have a team that we can all get behind and support and love a team that has brought North Carolina its only national profession sports championship and it is a testament to the sport in North Carolina when Ron Francis is in the North Carolina sports hall of fame, and perhaps the most famous north carolina resident and the greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan is not.
  7. I don't post often but read the boards quite frequently.. and i just wanted to say i love most of you guys enthusiasm but i just wanted to say be thankful you guys for the most part get to see games i am stuck in the mountains and most of the time just get to listen to Chuck. So never take it for granted that we have an amazing team even if they don't always win.
  8. Maybe Ray Whitney could talk the canes up to him
  9. JR has done stranger things (see Kaberle last summer)
  10. checking out tfp free agent list they now have the canes interested in semin and carle
  11. heatly has a Nmc and cullen has a limited NTC
  12. acording to capgeek they have 24 players signed and have 500k in cap space left
  13. both for 7.5 mil a year not bad wonder what kind of signing bonuses they had to shell out to get both At least they are in the west so we wont have to see them that often.. the wild just got a heck of alot better
  14. Suter got 13 years but doesnt say how much $ he got and now apparently Parise to the wild as well 1pm ct press conference scheduled to announce
  15. You beat hockey buzz and well every other website on this one
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