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  1. Despite the past, I really feel JR will make some sort of move this offseason for someone who isn't just a 20 goal scorer or a guy past his prime. There is all this talk about Rick Nash and Zach Parise, but I don't think anyone is realizing they might not be the best guys available..First off, I'd like to say a big NO on Alex Semin. Yes, he can put up points and he is somewhat of a star player, but he is not a team player and he would definitely not help the team moral nor help in the locker room. He is inconsistent, lazy, and really can cause problems. Overpaying him and giving him a multiyear deal would be a big mistake and JR knows that. Now if we can sign Parise great, but that probably won't happen. Nash's asking price is too high so I wouldn't go after him. The guy I'm looking at who has been involved in trade rumors before if Evander Kane who I think would be the best out of everyone anyways. In 74 games, he scored 30 goals and had 57 points and that was with a poorly offensive team in Winnipeg. May I also remind you that he is 21 years old...that gives him probably 10 years in his prime. Imagine what he could do with Staal and as he continues to develop and become better. Bobby Ryan would also be good and don't be suprised to see Ray Whitney again as he has expressed desire to retire here..On a final note, I'd love to sign 2 gritty 4th line players who can hit and drop the gloves whenever. I like Shawn Thornton, Brandon Prust, and Taylor Pyatt as possible guys. Just my thoughts...Also, with the 8th pick I'm all for Teuvo Teravainen as he will become a star despite his small frame (only 17, could still grow and will game muscle mass). If he isn't there and no one falls to us, trade the pick.
  2. JR was awful this offseason. Let's look at what he did and what he should've done... 1. Sign Tomas Kaberle at 4.25 million a year 2. Sign poni at $1.5 million a year 3. Sign stewart at 1 million a year Now let's add up the salaries from these three pointless players that have taken away spots from our young guys....you get 6.75 million. With 6.75 million we could have easily signed a great first line winger or center like Brad Richards. Instead, we sign 2 3rd/4th liners and an awful defenseman. I don't get their thinking on this..We had cap space and we blew it...Now just waive Kaberle or buy him out...this was the worst spending of money I've ever seen from JR.
  3. There are a couple easy things we can do to start winning, but JR needs to stop basing his team on personal relationships, and start managing it as a business that needs to win.... 1. Fire Mo. 2. Trade for a top 6 forward 3. Poni, Kabs, McBain need to go (i wouldnt mind seeing LaRose go 2) 4. Dalpe and Boychuk need top 6 minutes and tlusty should get in the top 9 5. LaRose needs to be a 3rd or probably 4th line winger because him playing 1st line is a joke....Maurice keeps making line changed but sticks with Rosey on the first line...there's your problem Play our young guys, trade, fire mo-its simple...sure we might not make the playoffs but it will be way more exciting watching a young team with a bright future developing than watching a more veteran team losing and making mistakes...If over 10,000 fans can see the problem-y cant JR?
  4. If I was coach (and I wish I was at this point because Mo has no common sense when it comes to our lines) then I would set the lineup as follows: Boychuk-Staal-Ruutu Dalpe-Jokinen-Skinner Tlusty-Sutter-Stewart Dwyer-Brent-LaRose Gleason-Pitkanen Allen-McBain Kaberle-Harrison Ward Boucher When Jussi comes back, there is no need for Poni. LaRose can't be playing in the top 6 and Boychuk/Dalpe need to be on the top two lines. I say both of them can score 20 goals if given the chance. I am praying for a big trade..
  5. Look at Ottawa and Edmonton. They are playing all of their prospects and are actually doing well as well as getting their players experience which will help them in the future. This offseason everyone including Mo was saying how Dalpe was going to be a top 6 forward and yet he is on the 4th line. People are saying that they haven't been impressed with his play so far. WEll maybe thats because he hasn't played with good players and not more than 5 minutes a night! He could easily score 20-25 goals if put on line with staal or a line with skinner which I think would be amazing. Same thing with Boychuk. JR continues to say that we are now a playoff team and are done rebuilding, but we have only gotten worse since last year. Acquiring 3rd and 4th line players in the offseason doesn't change your status in the league. We need to make a big trade because we have too many defenseman and we need more room offensively as well. Whether you agree with me or not, I am right and we will not be a playoff team until we start developing prospects and using good lines. Brandon Sutter is so good and we play him 12 minutes a night...Eric staal is nothing people! We pay him 9 million a year to get 60-70 points at best. He should be worth 6 million at best and I have never liked him that much. Yes, with new linemates for him he could be better, but obviously that isn't happening any time soon. If we kept the money spent on Kaberle (3-4mil) and poni (1 million) and larose (1.5million) we would have about 6 million in cap space. That money could easily of gotten us a 1st line superstar but instead, we elect to use it to buy lower line players and an overrated dman....If only we still had Vrbata, Ladd, and Williams...
  6. Paul Maurice needs to go. That's it. He has to be on drugs the way he is making our lines as there is no chemistry among them and our offensive numbers are pitiful aside from skinner and pitkanen. He is putting Chad LaRose on the 1st and 2nd line consistantly day in and day out...Chad LaRose!!!!! Can you get any dumber? Mine as well start Boucher in front of Ward every game...and he wonders why we can't play solid offensively consistantly. Now don't get me wrong, I love Rosey and love the energy he brings, but he isnt even close to a top 6 guy...he is a 4th liner. A 3rd liner at best! Paul Maurice is managing our prospects awfully as well. With Zac Dalpe, Zach Boychuk, Drayson Bowman, Justin Faulk, and even Brett Sutter or Riley Nash, why would you continue to not play them???? Zac Dalpe is injured but even when he was healthy, we put him on the 4th line....Are you drunk Maurice???? Dalpe is easily a top 6 guy and potential superstar. Wasn't only this past offseason when all talk was on him and how he would contribute??? Yeah, tough to do when your playing 5 minutes a night...We finally call up Boychuk and guess what!? 4th line...5 minutes a night...He was our 15th pick 4 years ago and whether you agree with me or not, he needs to play in the top 6 as well. Many people have criticized his play over the years, but he hasn't had any chance to prove himself!!! Having 3 or 4 games on Staal's line does nothing...You have to give these guys a chance and if that means risking our postseason spot then so be it..We need to develop these guys as we have many up and comers. Bowman is a top 9 guy and Faulk is a future top 4 defenseman..Our free agent signings were stupid as well. We didn't need to bring back Chad LaRose and signing Alexei Ponikarovsky was a waste. I do like signing Brent and even Stewart, but those two were all that were needed. Tomas Kaberle is also a bust...3 years at 3-4 million and he is 38 years old???? 3-4 million can easily get you a consistant 1st-2nd line winger that could play with staal but you decide to get another joni pitkanen only downgraded...It's awful. We should have at least Dalpe, Boychuk, and Bowman in our top 9 right now and developing. Paul Maurice is once again blowing it and JR and Karmanos need to see that. You want some good lines??? How about this: Boychuk-Staal-Sutter Skinner-Ruutu-Jokinen Tlusty-Brent-Stewart Poni-Dwyer-LaRose and do not criticize me putting Brandon Sutter on the 1st line. This kid is the real deal and in my opinion could easily get 30 goals-70 points. He is a natural center so you could put him centering staal and boychuk on the 1st line. He can skate with staal and set him up. We need to play sutter higher than our 3rd line and not leave him there just because we want a good defensive line. Stewart is another guy who can skate and produce if we give him a chance. Let me know what you all think, but I have had enough with Maurice. It's time for change.
  7. I really think you guys are trashing Boychuk way to hard. I still think he is a really good prospect and can be a future 1st/2nd line winger. Yes, he hasn't done a ton in the NHL given he only scored about 16 points in 56 games career games, but we do not give him the oppurtunity he needs to develop in the NHL. I think if we put him on the second line consistantly throughout a NHL season (not saying we should)-he would put up at least 40 points which is not that bad. He is only 21 years old. He has plenty of time to keep developing and like previous comments have stated, Brandon sutter didn't do well until he had his breakout year. Zac Dalpe is definitely the real deal and could be that missing winger Staal needs although I would love to see him on a line with Skinner. I still think Boychuk will be a good player one day, and we shouldn't give up on him like other prospects who have turned out to be good (Andrew Ladd, Radim Vrbata). One final note-I am really liking what I hear about Justin Shugg and Victor Rask..any thoughts on them?
  8. I'm hoping this rumor is true because we do need to make a deal and I think one is definitely going to happen before the season starts, a big one. If talks with Vancouver are true and star players are involved, I wouldn't be suprised if we make a deal that sends a defenseman over there for a top 6 forward. In my opinion, I'd say it could be something like Pitkanen for Burrows. Were not trading our big 3 superstars but throughout the league, Pitkanen is considered a star defenseman and we would trade him without a doubt if the right offer came along so I would keep an eye on it. Also, Ruutu is a big-time player and although he may not be a star, he could also be involved in a deal-last year of his contract. Just some thoughts...
  9. I agree with this post although in my opinion, signing Chad LaRose was a big mistake. Yes, he provides energy and is a fan favorite and a great lockerroom presence, but you need to look past that. He will probably score 15 goals and average 20-25 points a season which is not terrible for the 3rd/4th liner he is. There is no need to spend a couple million on him when we could fill his spot with upcoming prospects like Dalpe, Boychuk, Bowman, etc. who in my opinion, all deserve to be in the top nine. But I guess it won't hurt us to sign Rosey and I really think Stewart is going to have a big year for us-20 goals, 40-50 points.
  10. Yeah I asked that question and although JR usually doesn't make these kinds of moves, I think he eventually will whether it be in the offseason or during the beginning of the regular season. We have picks we can deal with an extra 2nd and 4th rounder as well as a group of prospects so I say that we beat out Nashville if it comes to a bidding war. I would rather not trade Mcbain but if we do trade him for Hemsky and end up signing him long-term, it will be worth it. We already have Joslin, Faulk, Murphy, Dumoulin, and others coming up. With a Staal/Hemsky type of first line, we are definitely in the Stanley Cup hunt so I really hope we pull the trigger on this one.
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