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  1. Ohio native as well. Carolina Hurricanes Columbus Chill (before they moved to make room for the Blue Jackets) Cleveland Browns Cleveland Indians Cleveland Cavaliers Columbus Crew OHIO STATE BUCKEYES
  2. dont lie. you know you said.."awwwww". that should lift your spirits.
  3. From Ask the Canes What's Scares You? "Chad LaRose and the general way he goes about life." - Commodore "Chad LaRose coming into the shower when I'm in there" - The Wizard
  4. No, I did not watch your video and have no intention to do so. You and I simply will never agree on political issues, regardless of what your video has to offer. I see that coming. As of now, I am bowing out of this conversation. DatsyukProspect I will read your comments for anything Hurricanes hockey related and I will support them..but as for this topic..I'm done. My apologies to the mods raising my Stalinistic-Khrushchev eyebrows.
  5. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. "Liberals protested for the past 8 years and got violent yet there are ZERO stories of arrests or damage from our protest." Kind of hard to do that against a system that wiretaps their own citizens without warrant, as well as detaining people for years on end without being charged with a crime, trampling over Habeas Corpus. The fact is people, like you, put yourselves in the position your in. Especially when the GOP movement is at lowest approval records in history. In 2010 your party will be thrashed because even the Independents have come out of the ether and realize what they did and the horrible consequences of it to their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and there isn't a damn thing you or "The One" can do about it. You can produce "reports" that call us "terrorists", being pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-illegal, pro-10th Amendment supporters, etc...but it so don't mean squat... You're in no position to be speaking about "thrashed" when a majority of the country voted like minded individuals, like you, out of office because of the disaster you caused. I do find it amazing you speak of "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" when like minded individuals never lived up to those standards themselves. You can produce "reports" that call us "terrorists" Correct me if I am wrong, but the last time you branded a certain people as "terrorists" were supposed to have weapons of mass destruction. Yes?
  6. Ho hum. Actually I believe if you're referring to media bias, the correct response would be 'MSNBC liberal journalism', not so much for CNN. Too much Fox News for you at the same token? Please inform me. The very same conservatives who praised Paulson's TARP bailout, excluding a few. They were cheerleaders for the Bush administration which ultimately led us into this mess, but when the milk spills you cry foul with knee jerk socialism rants.
  7. You prefer conservatives who act like children, stomp their feet, and throw tea bags because they lost the election? Tell that sort of "protesting" to Texas Governor Rick Perry who keeps dancing around the topic of secession. Compared to the that this looks like kindergarten slap fest.
  8. I ordered a LaRose jersey in 2007 from NHL.com and got the same result. It's essentially a piece of plastic ironed on the jersey, going as far as faking sewing threads. Since then, I order my jerseys from River City Sports, a place in Winnipeg, friendly staff and do it amazing for dirt cheap. They have a website you can do it from. I highly recommend you check them out. High quality work! It will take a week or two for you to get it, but its worth the price.
  9. I don't mind it. The fans in the arena did. I think the only thing appalling is that the Bolts let it happen in their own barn and did absolutely nothing about it for the duration of the game.
  10. You remind me of Richie from the movie IT Pennywise the clown. Perhaps that is what will scare off our opponents. Don't ya wanna.....balloon? They all float
  11. Too bad. I still have my Carolina Gary Roberts #10 jersey. Very first one I bought, Hockey Hall of Fame jersey aren't cheap!
  12. I am glad I do not live in the Raleigh area now....I didn't realize your jobs could be this boring...
  13. JR is like Phil Conners from Groundhog Day. Same old story. So no, you shouldnt be surprised at all.
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