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  1. November 9th game against the Wild. Lower Level, Section 104 Row VV, seats 4 and 5. Price for both is $125.95. Please e-mail me at jdmayo1983@gmail.com I can forward your offers to my uncle. He is the holder for both. The price includes the tax and fees.
  2. Awesome thanks guys. I'll definitely do that come around 3pm hopefully. We gotta leave early though cause Boone is like a 5 hour drive.
  3. Hey guys three of my friends and I are leaving from Boone NC to go to the Boston Bruins game April 13th. When does the tail gating start? I was thinking about getting their around 3pm but when is a good time got get a good parking spot? I have a handycap sticker since I have a heart problem. When would be a good time to come down there to set up our tail gate and be there with a good spot. Thanks. GO CANES!!!!
  4. What would be cool if they could combine the jersey from 2006 championship year and add some modern day stuff to it to have both on it. I think that would be interesting. I wouldn't mind a new uniform. Don't like the pipping either.
  5. I remember last year that one of the games Trip said "There is a (I hate Trip Tracey Blog) and John says "Don't worry about them." I tried to find it but couldn't find anything. Maybe he meant post like this cause he reads them. But anyways at least he isn't as bad as Pierre Mcguire. He's worse than Trip.
  6. Man Trip Tracey why can't you talk about hockey like you did tonight. You were much better than the first game.
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  9. Hey if anybody grabs a extra one and don't need it. I would love to have it. I am not going to the game tonight. I would love to go but can't. If you do get one please PM me. THANKS!!!!!
  10. I hate Sports South, I can't get it up here in Boone NC they just had the first two games on that channel for opening night instead of later in the season. I think FSC should get it cause people up here want to see the game. I hate Time Warner cable. I only have Charter Cable they don't get that channel. I'm going to have to watch the game online for the first one now.
  11. I notice that she is a little bit to slow giving the score reports in the intermission break. She'll say the teams names but sometimes with a pause and will for get to say the score. Hopefully she wont need that notebook anymore for her notes. But I think Bob Harwood did a better job than she did.
  12. LOL gotta love Trip Tracey occurred moments. Still a great guy though. My friend and I was watching that game when he said that ("Nowhere to go but up! Carolina blue skies ahead.") He laughed at him because he made that comment so did I. I was like "What" lol. I wonder when John Forslund will say something sarcastic back at him like he does when he says stuff like that?
  13. I think that Stewart should be on the 3rd line as LW and not Nodl. Because Stewart is a better player and can create more offense than Nodl pus he is taller by two inches.
  14. So glad NHL is back, GO CANES!!!!

  15. I heard that many rumors free NHL Center Ice this year for the fans.
  16. I am not to worried about who will take his pace because the Checkers are in 1st place this year and with calling their players up to fill in spots we need like his will be worth it to me. But I do hope he gets better soon!!!
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  18. Even with a 56 or 60 game season Kirk Muller still hasn't had a chance with us for a full 82 season.
  19. Actually Bettman and Fehr are not in the 2nd session meeting. Following twitter's trending #CBA.
  20. He played the very last game last year. I remember cause his parents were there. I would like to see him on the 3rd or 4th line as a center. I think he will be a good player. That's a good question though.
  21. Thanks for explaining that to me makes a lot more sense now. So how could they do replacement players when some of them are owned by different owners in other leagues? It be interesting if they could do replacement players that way we could still see hockey be weird but better than no hockey at all.
  22. If the NHLPA doesn't agree with the owners with the same CBA they had from 7 years ago. Couldn't they try and play the season with out the lockout and try again next year with a new proposal for a CBA?
  23. If you guys watch the NHLPA channel on youtube it's pretty interesting from the players side. You can learn more what they want etc. I hope that the owners can agree with their proposal tomorrow after their meeting so we can see hockey in September and October NO GAMES MISSED!!!!!
  24. I like what Ron Hainsey, said today on a video interview on NHLPA youtube channel. He said we will get a deal done before the deadline. No hockey missed! My birthday is 5 days after the deadline that Bettman set. I want hockey to!!!!
  25. Why does he have to lock them out for a whole year? I don't get that. That is how they lost the network with ESPN. I mean c'mon it really hurts. We have several weeks tell they sign a new deal. I really hope they can. I don't want them to lock out the players 5 days before my birthday I want to be watching hockey by then. Specially canes pre-season games on the website.
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