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  1. Sorry, wish I could help. I was surprised to see the cost of my lower level sideline tickets too, but I guess it's the cost of utilizing Time Warner Cable Arena. It's worth the price if that's any consolation. Really nice arena - they may not want to go home. Just kidding, but I'd love to have the Canes in Charlotte!
  2. Wear whatever you want! I'm perplexed about what to where as well. For some odd reason, the Canes, who I happen to LOVE will not allow Charlotte stores to sell their jerseys or shirts. I understand that you can only purchase in Raleigh - 3 hours away. So, I'm hoping they'll have them for their southern NC fans tonight in Charlotte. I look for you Thrashers Jersey and wave (lol). TWC Arena is a huge place - but I can't wait to see the Canes live for the first time ever tonight!!!
  3. So excited to see my first Canes game live!!! Welcome to Charlotte guys! We love you

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