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  1. I'm OK on this move as well. New GM, new coaching staff, new system. Hopefully we'll see a new Gleason and he'll be able to bring some of that grit back.....I for one am tired of seeing my team lose and getting smacked around while doing so. Welcome back Tim
  2. My opnion is we draft offense with a solid D vet or two signed this summer. We will draft the best fit at that time.
  3. Come on now........ no one or nothing is dumb (well ?)......this is a discusion board..... As JR discussed, with the cap being lowered next season and due to buy outs, a solid defense or offensive player may fall to the team. We could take anyone in the draft so let's keep an open mind. K?
  4. This guy and his face hole...oh I forgot it's just an opinion.
  5. Well, proper net minding is an issue. Defense is an issue. Can't develop a play making offense which seems to reflect a system that doesn't work (coaching accountable for that ). Since we're just about last in all that stats., I feel we should start at the top of the food chain and work downward.. Sound about right?
  6. Canes are the softest club in town and absolutly Wallace was a difference maker. Hell JR put him on waviers and tried to give him away. IDIOT. Wallace should've never left. Period.
  7. The team may rally back...they may not. Ellis is going to play harder then ever, you can count on that. Hopefully the D steps up and contributes on offense and defense. Ever way.....I'm not counting us out just yet. Call me crazy.
  8. I do believe Sasha stole his thunder. On a serious note, all players will have slumps and this is just bad timing for his. He'll rebound, I just hope it's not too late.
  9. I have a feeling the Canes defense situation will work itself out if need be. One things for sure, if you play too much defensive hockey, all you're really doing is giving the opposing teams more offensive chances. If changes need to be made, I feel confident JR will make it happen. Before regular season? Maybe or maybe not..but a lot could happen between now and then. Welcome home Corvo!
  10. Nah, you've watched him under the same organization his entire NHL career, he has a fresh start with new influences. Great coach, great locker room, great location, awesome fans. Caps will be a distant memory soon enough for Semin. He'll like it better here. You'll see.
  11. Speculating is fun as once stated, I just have a feeling we're not quite done this off season. I could see JR bringing in another forward and defensive vet, but if not I have confidence in the roster as is. It's easy for fans to expect more, more, more. ( myself included) Tommy K. would be a nice addition.
  12. The beginning of the interview it sounded like he almost reference to be excited about the signing of someone who's name started with a "K" paused and went on about Semin. Later mentions adding a gritty forward to stick up for the "Skinners". I love reading too much into things , but I wonder if he almost slipped up and said K-stop? Prob. not, but you never really know.
  13. Welcome Semin!!! Regardless of all the negative outlooks everyone has, he's a highly skilled player that will be a game changer. Changes in scenery may be just what he needed. He may need an adjustment period, but he has training camp to iron out the kinks. Now JR can shift his focus on improving the Defense. Great signing!
  14. Yep one things for sure.. Boychuck needs a new number!
  15. Wouldn't say outta the playoffs..KM has training camp and a full season this time around. Hold that thought until sometime around Dec./Jan.
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