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  1. The more think about it, I would seriously think any clubs on this list that have won Cups would be spared. Therefore only Phoenix and Columbus would be in jeopardy. I was told recently by a friend out on Long Island the NHL will very likely not allow the Islanders to fold or leave Long Island because of their Cup history. Since the Canes and Avs have also won Cups, I would think we'd be safe. I was not aware Minnesota and San Jose were losing money, and I thought the Stars recently got new owners that would bring them stability too. Plus Dallas has also won the Cup.
  2. Well, I've often said there are too many teams in the NHL, but if contraction were to happen, would Carolina be targetted?
  3. That's all the "news" media does now: over-sensationalize stuff to get ratings. Everything is overhyped. I honestly do not believe there will be a lockout. I think both sides know a lockout will kill any momentum the NHL has gained as a popular sport in the US, where the largest viewership is. Canadian sport or not, the NHL needs US dollars and viewers to keep everything afloat, and lockout will harm that a great deal.
  4. We could win the Cup in grand fashion like the Kings did, and there would be someone on here that very night being negative about something.
  5. I think a lockout would be the dumbest thing the NHL could do at this point. Hockey rebounded very well in many US markets and is on the verge of passing MLB in popularity. A lockout at this point would severely damage its popularity in the US, and kill its chances of surpassing MLB.
  6. It really kills me that Canadians trash the southern NHL teams. When was the last time other than the Winter Classics pro hockey or just about any hockey for that matter was played outdoors on frozen ponds?
  7. Well, I guess it's up to TSA now then!
  8. I've not read anything anywhere about us talking to Semin. I've been following the club here and on Twitter, as well as FB.
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