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  1. the way this team is playing right now, I see playoffs, comfortably but it's still early.
  2. I'm not a big Mo fan but I do at least feel that the Canes, I know it's early but they are playing for him this year.. I don't like some of the lines, and some players are off their game but the effort is there and after last season, we could have saw them give up totally on this year and they haven't.
  3. It's okay that the team moved... after a few years I got over it... the franchise basically blew chunks all of the 90s and now as the Canes won the cup and been there twice... And like I said, only two teams I could have watched was Rangers and Bruins... that was never gonna be my team. if Hartford ever gets a team again, I think they'll be my second team... i love the Canes too much now and finally found a way to watch every game so I'm set.
  4. Hi fellow Caniacs, My name is Matt and I live in CT... The birthplace of our wonderful franchise... The whalers left for Carolina when I was about 12 and after my anger subsided, I realized I couldn't root for any other franchise... I mean really, mean being a bruins or Rangers fan was never gonna happen lol. Anyway, I'm here to show my support for the Canes.. I can finally watch every game again and my love for Hockey is at an all time high.. My favorite Canes/Whalers players of all time are Geoff Sanderson, Erik Cole, Jeff O'neill, Sami Kapnen and Cam Ward... probably our best goalie of all time.. didn't watch the 80s tho of course lol
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