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  1. Hi everyone, I am currently a 12 game package holder in Section 130 and am looking to split a pair of full season tickets for the 2012-13 season. I really like the view in 130, but I would also consider the opposite section, 123. My plan is that I will buy one full season ticket and so will my partner, then we each have two tickets to half the games. I love the Canes, but I just can't make 41 games! ;-) If this interests you, please drop me a private message or post here. Thanks!
  2. On another note - what do people think of taking a plain jersey, and then adorning it with the various patches from the Cup, ten year season, all star game, etc?
  3. As far as which player I'll get, I dunno. The CCM replica that I have is a #13 Ray Whitney and I LOVE it. I even got the 06 Cup patch on it. Based on that response, I'll probably stick with the CCM replica and then get either Wardo or Staal. But who knows? I may feel a little crazy and get #97 Stormy!
  4. Hi, I'm a noob who can't start threads just yet until I get my post count above 20. So I was looking for a thread about the topic I've got in mind and thus am glomming on to this one! My jersey dilemma is this; I'm a bigger guy and thus I like the older CCM jerseys better than the more tailored RBK/Edge ones. I guess having the most current jersey would be nice, but comfort is more important to me than being in style. Anyway, I've got a CCM replica I love. As replicas go, the CCMs blow the RBKs away. The shoulder patch is much closer to the real thing. I am however considering buying a "real" CCM jersey. Does anyone out there have a "real" CCM jersey and care to comment on its quality versus the CCM replica? The replica is just fine, and I was trying to make up my mind whether to spend the extra jack or not. Thanks!
  5. Did anyone else attend last night? It was my first one of these and I loved it. With a little planning, I was able to get to 4 of the 6 autograph tables. I didn't even bother with the Skinner or Staal tables, as I knew the lines would be so long that I could not get through the other lines. I did all the activities except for the Press Row tour and really enjoyed seeing the lockerroom for the first time, being on the ice, etc. Two questions; 1) Does anyone have any idea the extent to which other franchises in the league do this? It just seemed like brilliant customer service. My guess was that the Canes are the only franchise doing it, but that there's not many. That's purely a guess. 2) Did anyone else catch Coach Mo's comments with Chuck Katon? There was one point he made that really sounded like sense to me, but I forget the underpinning hockey X's and O's. Basically, he said this franchise is built to swing for the fences and that's why we miss the playoffs, but when we make them, we go deep. Does anyone else remember this comment and how he backed it up? Is it Friday night yet???? ;-)
  6. Hi there! I've been a Caniac for a few years now, but just got my first 12-game ticket package. Now my fever is at a frenzy, as I am really enjoying having tickets on a regular basis! I splurged and got the downstairs corner where the Canes shoot twice. I'll be posting on these boards more, but until I get further approved, I've got a noob jersey question; I'm a bigger guy, and thus am not a fan of the more tailored RBK/Edge jersey. The CCMs have much more room. On *edit* they are selling an "authentic" Canes CCM for $189. Does anyone have an experience with these specific jerseys? I've got a replica CCM which I love, and thus I wondered if the authentic was worth it. In the RBK/Edge jerseys, the difference between authentic and replica is VERY noticeable, mainly in the real shoulder patches. Is the CCM authentic similar with the real shoulder patches? Any other thoughts on the authentic CCMs would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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