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  1. I listened to the radio clip. Like the other co-host said, it was a total d*** move. Chip was giving good info. Maybe we should send a few Bunch of Jerks shirts his way.
  2. The guys on nbc sports gave a lot of credit to the atmosphere of the building. Kudos to all in attendance! Mrazek with key saves late. Best of 3 now!
  3. D. C. radio this morning mentioning a little about Caps poor effort, but a lot about OV beating down Svech. I guess it's the only positive they can focus on.
  4. Hag, the regression line shows how tough a feat it was this year as well. The playoff line has been adjusted to the 98 points CBJ got, and the predicition line landed right at 94 points. So, in a "normal" year Canes would have comfortably been in. But, you can see that once they crawled their way back to playoff pace, they had to grind it out the last 15+ games to stay there.
  5. Sorry, I missed the post. I've been running the regression line all season, but didn't feel a need to post it. But since you asked... Points Pace: 98.64 Predicted Points Pace: 91.17 The regression line has steadily been moving up since the new year, and you can see how it's really been a tale of two seasons at that point (game 38).
  6. I like the Storm Surge. However, Don Cherry does not... https://sports.yahoo.com/cherry-hurricanes-jerks-way-celebrate-wins-015204921.html
  7. Hope this doesn't become a trap game. Full 60 effort.
  8. Great GDT! Let's take it to the Tavares-less Isles and start the season off right!
  9. Uni-Watch Hurricanes 3rd Jersey Paul Lukas from Uni-Watch likes the new unis.
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