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  1. Definitely an upgrade over the previous version. I wish the warning flags were a bit more pronounced, but at least they're back!
  2. Congrats OBXer and thanks Coastal for running another successful contest!
  3. Not sure if this is where I should put this, but in the afternoons, I listen to Steve Czaban on a D.C. sports radio station. The show is mostly entertaining and I get some Skins news as well. He is a Caps homer and was briefly talking about the Blues/Preds game last night when he makes this brief comment, "I don't know why they have that drab John Forslund on the call. He's not that good." He definitely lost a few points with me. Anyway, figured I'd share since I'm pretty sure y'all wouldn't have heard this.
  4. I won't be at the top for long. I've been known to get plenty of goose eggs in the later rounds.
  5. OBXer has been nearly perfect so far (3 correct, 2 bonus). Of course, I'm saying this in the same vein as talking about a pitcher who's throwing a perfect game.
  6. It's amazing we haven't had a 2-time winner yet.
  7. Check out this prank the Canes pulled on Ryan Murphy... Ryan Murphy Prank Warning: NSFW language in video.
  8. Faulk and Jones are top 4 in metro in goals scored for defensemen, so I guess that's why thy were selected. I figured we'd see Skinner and Werenski though. And I think Cam Atkinson got a snub too.
  9. I don't see how the owners would be for that since, like has been said, it would limit merchandise sales. Our home uniform needs an overhaul anyway, and yes bring back the flags!
  10. Thanks guys! I think with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights, I might have to tweak some things soon.
  11. Congrats Ryazan! Side note, since it wasn't a real hat trick, what are the canes going to do with all those hats thrown on the ice?
  12. Yeah, I'm not seeing it. I'm running Google Chrome if that means anything.
  13. I can't seem to find where to "like" a post.
  14. Crazy insane debut. Anyone have him on their fantasy team?