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  1. We went -1 for the last series, sit at +1 overall, and trail significantly to the current playoff mark of +9. Florida sits just outside at +8. 94 points may not be the mark this year, but now if we lose even 1 game in regulation or have 2 OTL's, we will not hit the 94 point mark. When this season ends, I'll post the actual playoff line to see where we actually stood throughout the year. Actual Points Pace: 83 Predicted Points Pace: 87
  2. We went horizontal this last series (1-4-2), and that's never good. At this point, if we lose more than 4 games in regulation, we will not be able to reach the 94 point line, and with every 2 OTL's that number shrinks by 1. However, and I'm sure Hag will point this out in his report, this is an odd year where currently +6 is in a playoff spot where it should be +9. We're not totally out of it, but if we continue our recent play, we won't have to worry about playoffs for long. Actual Points Pace: 85 Predicted Points Pace: 88
  3. As Hag said, +12 may not be the cut line this season. But, I'm still going to use +12 as the cutoff line, because I'm unsure where to move the playoff line honestly. Also, 94 points is usually the playoff line as has been mentioned. Anyway... Actual Points Pace: 89 Predicted Points Pace: 89
  4. Not much to add to Hag's post. We know what we need to do. Actual Points Pace: 87 Predicted Points Pace: 89 Edit: Figured out how to break up graph into 7 game series.
  5. We actually went above playoff pace TWICE this last series (after both PIT wins). We've got a few winnable games coming up before the all-star break, and then we start an 8-game homestand afterwards (and 11 of 14 at home through Feb). Long story short, we need to take advantage of this. Actual Points Pace: 90 Predicted Points pace: 90
  6. 2018 Canes All Star Representative?

    Wyshynski (now with ESPN) picked Hanifin. ESPN's 2018 All-Star Picks
  7. 2018 Canes All Star Representative?

    Should: Skinner or Aho Will: Faulk, because the Metro is loaded with forwards and he's been there before. Agree that if it IS a D man, Hanifin should go over Faulk.
  8. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    So, when we hit our next rough patch, do we slaughter a pig? KHL Club Slaughters Live Sheep Before Practice
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fellow Caniacs! Just like Hag said, we've made up our lost ground. We're still not on playoff pace, but we're in a better position than we were after the last series. Actual Points Pace: 91 Predicted Points Pace: 87
  10. Just like Hag said, we've lost ground. As you can see, we're veering away from the playoff line. Since the last time we were above the playoff line (22 points in 19 games after beating the Islanders), we've gained only 7 points in the last 9 games. Actual Points Pace: 85 Predicted Points Pace: 87
  11. I'm sure many of you visit the section 328 website, but I've been getting a kick out of the "Hurricane Watch" previews of each game. This one sums up tonight pretty well... Meg's Hurricane Watch
  12. Not much to add to Hag's report. Missed opportunities, tough stretch of upcoming games, etc. But we did beat Smashville, so it's a good start to this series. Actual Points Pace: 89 Predicted Points Pace: 88
  13. Canes @ Sabres, Saturday 11/18 @ 7PM

    Here's the guy we should really worry about. He's so hype, he's got his own rap song.
  14. Greiss in net for Islanders... "Greiss allowed two goals on 37 shots in the Islanders win in St. Louis on Saturday. Greiss has started three of the last four games, winning two of three while allowing a combined eight goals on 97 shots (.918 SV%). Tonight he faces the Hurricanes on home-ice, where he has gone 2-0-2 with a 2.69 GAA and .913 SV% this season." Dailyfaceoff.com