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  1. Just like Hag said, we've lost ground. As you can see, we're veering away from the playoff line. Since the last time we were above the playoff line (22 points in 19 games after beating the Islanders), we've gained only 7 points in the last 9 games. Actual Points Pace: 85 Predicted Points Pace: 87
  2. I'm sure many of you visit the section 328 website, but I've been getting a kick out of the "Hurricane Watch" previews of each game. This one sums up tonight pretty well... Meg's Hurricane Watch
  3. Not much to add to Hag's report. Missed opportunities, tough stretch of upcoming games, etc. But we did beat Smashville, so it's a good start to this series. Actual Points Pace: 89 Predicted Points Pace: 88
  4. Canes @ Sabres, Saturday 11/18 @ 7PM

    Here's the guy we should really worry about. He's so hype, he's got his own rap song.
  5. Greiss in net for Islanders... "Greiss allowed two goals on 37 shots in the Islanders win in St. Louis on Saturday. Greiss has started three of the last four games, winning two of three while allowing a combined eight goals on 97 shots (.918 SV%). Tonight he faces the Hurricanes on home-ice, where he has gone 2-0-2 with a 2.69 GAA and .913 SV% this season." Dailyfaceoff.com
  6. I was away for a few days, so I couldn't post the update with Hag's post. So, I've included our latest games through Dallas into the equation. Good News - After a tough losing stretch, we've made our way back up and are very close to the playoff line. Bad News - The prediction model isn't taking much stock in our recent upswing. Of course, if we keep our winning ways, this line will shift up. Actual Points Pace: 92.25 Predicted Points Pace: 85.78
  7. Much needed win against a talented team. Hope there's more left in the tank for tomorrow's game.
  8. We will need to go +2 to get back on pace, but a +1 would be okay. Obviously the TOR/STL back-to-back is going to be tough, and if we don't get any points there, we'll have to win at least 4 of the remaining 5 games to get to +2. Also, I wanted to add my own little playoff model, inspired by Hagmetrics, which you can see below. Simply put, as long as the blue dots stay above the playoff line, we're doing good. Without getting into the math, the prediction line is a prediction model based on current results, and taking into account the highs and lows of a season. I know we have a small sample size, but for example our actual points pace is 82, while our predicted pace is around 95 points. This of course will change as the season progresses.
  9. RNT82'S Mega Man NHL Project

    Hey guys. I've added the Las Vegas Golden Knights to the lineup, while also making updates to Buffalo, Detroit, and Florida. Hope y'all like it.
  10. New Sweaters

    Definitely an upgrade over the previous version. I wish the warning flags were a bit more pronounced, but at least they're back!
  11. In-Season Talk 2016-17

    Check out this prank the Canes pulled on Ryan Murphy... Ryan Murphy Prank Warning: NSFW language in video.
  12. In-Season Talk 2016-17

    Faulk and Jones are top 4 in metro in goals scored for defensemen, so I guess that's why thy were selected. I figured we'd see Skinner and Werenski though. And I think Cam Atkinson got a snub too.
  13. No Thirds!

    I don't see how the owners would be for that since, like has been said, it would limit merchandise sales. Our home uniform needs an overhaul anyway, and yes bring back the flags!
  14. RNT82'S Mega Man NHL Project

    Thanks guys! I think with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights, I might have to tweak some things soon.