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  1. In an ideal non-pandemic scenario I would be squarely in the “let’s keep Johnny at all cost” camp. But I must say that the optics of this situation really aren’t in John’s favor when other employees have been asked to make sacrifices. If John can land a better opportunity for himself and his family then more power to him.
  2. I’m wondering why the Canes (or any other NHL team for that matter) has to pay the salaries of the broadcasters? Shouldn’t Fox Sports (which presumably pays the team for the local broadcast rights) pay those salaries? I can understand the teams wanting a say in who represents them on the broadcast side but shouldn’t Fox pay those salaries?
  3. I just spent a good 3 hours catching up on the Forslund situation in the Hurricanes Talk thread...really fascinating back and forth between Top and Rem. I can now definitely see both sides of the situation...bottom line is that it will hurt big time to lose John on the PBP. But to paraphrase John himself: “that’s business baby!”
  4. I wonder if this apparent Forslund divorce was cooking even back when we were still playing before the lock down. I can recall Tripp almost sounding like he was saying his farewells to John on air during the last few games of the regular season....
  5. I’ve been absent from the board since early March and just heard about this Forslund situation from Sara on Twitter. Is there a separate thread on this subject? I think we all knew John would eventually leave for greener pastures but the way this is seemingly being handled by Dundon is extremely bush league IMO. I love Mike Maniscalco but him replacing a legend like Forslund??? You gotta he kidding me!
  6. Even though I was a proponent of “sitting tight” at the deadline I must applaud the committee for having the cajones to make some bold moves in very difficult circumstances. The cost was high so now we can only hope that the long term payback will have been worth it all. We shouldn’t overlook the fact that we added some snarl with the additions of Skjei and Trocheck, an element much needed for this team IMO....
  7. Given how they’ve owned us on the ice recently I can appreciate your concern that they may have owned us at the trade deadline as well...
  8. I may be totally wrong on this (memory not what it used to be) but it sure seems like Skjei was a thorn in our side all the times we have played them the last couple of years. May have been a prominent factor in our desire to snag him...
  9. Thanks I just noted that in the other thread....was hoping he could slot right in and give us those steady 20 minutes that Pesce man was providing...
  10. LOL yeah I remember that quote too....of course in fairness that comment was made prior to the Saturday night massacre...
  11. OK so with Skjei and Vatanen on board what do our D pairings look like now? Will we see both guys tomorrow night?
  12. Not me pal...I think for the long term when it comes to my hockey team just like I do for my personal financial investments. Short sighted management like we used to get from Rutherford led to 10+ years of misery here, a half empty arena each night, and rumors of the team leaving town. You really want to go back to those dark days?
  13. Hmmm an hour and a half to go and still no NHL goalie....is Lehner worth a few draft picks? I say NO!
  14. Check out REM’s analysis of this trade on the last page of Saturday’s GDT. He pretty much nailed it...
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