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  1. Is having the team pay the announcers salary the norm throughout the league? If so that is quite a convenient arrangement for Fox Sports!
  2. Well you know we *could* use some extra offense...J/K we all saw enough of HWSNBN to realize that he is the very antithesis of a “Rod Brind’Amour” type player...
  3. LOL...who decided the statute of limitations on HWSNBM is 2 years before we can again start calling him by his real name? Wonder what HWSNBN is up to these days? I have this vision of a hung over ex hockey player with an extreme beer belly and a tacky Russian prostitute sitting on each leg...kind of like Thor in Avengers Endgame!
  4. The question one must ask about all these potential free agents is: are they Rod Brind’Amour type of players? We all know playing for Rod is no picnic in the park...are guys like Brayden Point going to run through the proverbial wall in *both* the regular season and playoffs?
  5. I would love to be a fly on the wall during the player exit interviews this year. During the past decade of futility you pretty much knew how they were going to go. This year? I’m not so sure...Dundon seems to me to be a “what have you done for me lately” kinda guy. If so I hope he can look past that and properly appreciate the amazing over achievements of this group. I’m tempted to then urge him to spend the necessary money (perhaps even to the cap) to get us over the top but on second thought how many examples have we seen of teams spending crazy money to absolutely no avail?
  6. Totally agree...as far as personnel decisions go I believe HCRB is already the GM...
  7. Do you guys think that Dundon and the rest of the management team will make the necessary financial moves in the off season to improve this team via free agency? Or will the mindset be “we spent next to nothing” and got to the ECFs?
  8. I think this move had CRB’s hands all over it. The message is clear: if you are not willing or able to be a responsible 2 way hockey player then you have no future with this franchise. Since Faulk fits into the irresponsible category I expect him to be next on the block. I just hope we get a better return than a Mario Mendoza autographed card....
  9. OK for you long suffering STHs do today’s developments make you more likely to reup or do you want to wait a bit?
  10. Assuming the Canes can get Fox to sign is he considered NHL ready or would he require seasoning in the AHL?
  11. What he did to Cole is precisely why you should want him on your team instead of an opposing team...and BTW he’s a damn good hockey player! He was terrific for the Caps in the playoffs this year. Do you want to win or do you want to continue the Lady Byng approach that has netted 0 playoff appearances in 9 years?
  12. Would you guys be in favor of making a play for Orpik? This team could definitely use some sandpaper....
  13. Looks like a hit man from the Sopranos...
  14. Who’s the sumo wrestler in the tan coat?
  15. Works for me....commencing prayer now...
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