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  1. Well tonight was a real 💩 show from the get go....Mongoesque performance from Mrazek and we lose our best D man for what a minimum of 3 months?
  2. Agreed...way too inconsistent offensively...
  3. Or puck the score whatever you prefer....
  4. Actually it was Mike who said he would not return due to a lower body injury...
  5. That Wilson guy is pretty talented for being a goon....
  6. Nope rooting for my SEC West homies LSU....will always root for an SEC team in a natty unless it is Auburn or Tennessee...in those cases I hope they both lose by 50!
  7. Agree about Tripp....while his famous goofiness gets on my nerves sometimes I’ve always appreciated his insights as an ex goalie and furthermore he is always uber prepared for the opponent at hand. He is the perfect foil to Forslund’s brand of humor which helps explain why they have successfully partnered for 21 years now.
  8. That’s one way to get a point across as a coach....
  9. J Willy looked pretty skinny there...gone vegan?
  10. I’m not sayin anything about the Shaya curse....
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