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  1. KJUNKANE is not his usual self....giddy over his Tigers winning the SEC for the first time in 8 years!
  2. Dougie takes one in the Pesce spot....
  3. Did I just hear the words “good defense by Jake Gardiner”?
  4. That’s how you respond to a Wet Willy!
  5. Yep the writing is definitely on the wall...and it will be a sad day indeed for all of us. John is so gifted at what he does that you tend to take it for granted...and as with anything important in life you only truly realize it when it’s gone.
  6. Forslund keeps making snide remarks about the “6 million dollar scoreboard”.... maybe he thinks that’s why he only got a one year contract?😀
  7. Geez Eric was that you being a tough guy? LOL....
  8. Damn I heard that doink off of Pete’s goal post all the way over here in Alabama....
  9. Would the Triangle citizenry appove a new arena if the Canes won the Cup? Would be nice not to have to share the arena...
  10. Great period....now two more of those please!
  11. Alfred Hitchcock staring up at the “6 million dollar scoreboard”....
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