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  1. Well after doing some research on J Staal it does look like he has put up some inpressive numbers and there would be good chemistry...what ever makes us a contender...With the CBA up in the air I am curious how much player movement we will have
  2. When are the NHL meetings?

    1. AWACSooner


      Not soon enough!

  3. This is all wishful thinking...take the last name off the kid in pittsburgh and we wouldnt even be posting this...what do we wanna be the second coming of the sedin twins? trade sounds fun but as these playoffs are evolving it seems to me we need to look more at a Parise out of new jersey or a Nash out of Columbus ?
  4. lets go boyz! beat da Boltz

  5. if you still need a staal wall cling let me know I have a few, you can have1 for free from one cane fan to another i will be at game on 15th, irishjohn4@yahoo.com
  6. Is anyone else tired of seeing us call a kid up then sending him down 3 days later, let the kid get some minutes, I am not referring to 1 player it seems like there are more than a handful that are put in this situation, and I still dont understand this Anthony Stewart move, Waivers? nobody wanted him so we are gonna take him back? He hasnt done enough good nor bad for me to like or dislike him I just cant figure out why we still have him? we put him on waivers for cryin out loud. maybe he can go join sean avery in NY:RedLamp:
  7. not sure what ya mean?
  8. thats a lil high but if you want to help a canes fan out i can do 50 for both ? i neeed a lil help so i hope u will consider this i can also do yard work or odd jobs to help meet costs DM me if u will help me please
  9. how much u want for stanley cup banner i got 25 bucks i can spare
  10. well I see we put stewart on waivers, is this any sort of sign? not sure I think JR is about to shake things up a lil
  11. i have pitkannen bobble as well and i will trade
  12. Hey just heard the funniest thing on nhl network, they were talkin trade rumors and apparently shea weber has mentioned if the preds dont sign suter that carolina is his first stop in negotiations???? wow could be solid him and faulk workin together? or him and harrison?
  13. if you are a notre dame football fan i can sell you some cool items also have baseball items and nashville preds stuff, hit me up if interested
  14. lets go canes BEAT BOSTON! HOLLA YALL

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