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  1. While the J Staal acquisition may have changed the perception of Carolina some, it hasn't changed enough for free agents to want to come here. Need to establish some consistency to attract anybody. Unless you just offer ridiculous money to someone. That's why I think a trade is the only way we get a top 6 forward. I'll be impressed if JR can pull it off this off season.
  2. Looks like Kane and Ryan still possible? Haven't seen anything about Kane since that first mention early on. And I don't think I've ever seen us mentioned in any Ryan update. Always wondered why not.
  3. Nash Update. (E3) "In: San Jose, Detroit, NY Rangers, Toronto. Out: Everyone else..." - Eklund
  4. Bryan Allen 3 years at $3.5m per to Anaheim. per Bob Mckenzie. For that much I'm surprised we didn't match. I guess the length maybe?
  5. Nash down to Detroit, San Jose, and Rangers...according to source in Columbus Tweet from Eklund at Hockey Buzzkill! Let's hope not. "new tweet...just told leafs in on Nash as well..."
  6. I think Whitney at 40 would still score 50-60 points with his passing ability. Which last year would have been second on our team. Didn't realize the scoring was that bad until I checked the stats. I know Jordan will help that, but when you have only one 50 point scorer on your team adding another offensive threat sounds good to me. Plus I could get a couple more years out of my #13 sweater
  7. One less D-man available. Wideman rights traded to Flames and extension signed.
  8. No I doubt we would outbid anybody. And I kinda doubt we were on his original list of teams. So unless he changes his mind it's all basically dreaming anyway. That was more what I'd be willing to give up should Columbus lower the asking price. Based on the rumored must haves like Couture, Seguin, Kreider, Del Zotto. That means Skinner and Faulk for us and JR's not doing that, I would hope. And if SJ, Bos, NY keep saying no way then they'll have to ask for less at some point. Even then we'll get outbid I think. But I just said two roster players not proven veterans. And of the canes top six last year those are the two I'd be okay with losing. As far as the prospects, I could handle losing any of them in a Nash deal. I just picked those 2 because they have been called up and were considered by some, possible candidates to make the team. I guess what I would say to Columbus is subtract Staal, Staal, Skinner, Ruutu, Faulk. Take any other 4 players and next years first round pick. If they get more elsewhere then so be it.
  9. I think Columbus would want 2 forwards from the current roster plus high potential prospects. So maybe: Jokinen Tlusty Dalpe Sanguinetti If we bring back Whitney for a year top six could be: Nash Staal Whitney Skinner Staal Ruutu Then next year replace Whitney with someone from better FA crop.
  10. Well Russian players and potential backup goalies anyway.
  11. Saw this on yardbarker.com concerning Nash: For all you Bruins fans, consider this. According to an ESPN.com report, the B's were said to have inquired about Nash -- although the talks were apparently just exploratory -- and the feeling around the NHL is that Boston would have to part ways with either Tyler Seguin or Dougie Hamilton as part of any deal for Nash. Crazy, right? I'd say for the Canes that translates to Skinner or Faulk. So until the asking price lowers we can forget about Nash. I'm guessing Columbus is waiting until Parise signs in hopes that one of the teams missing on Parise will fork over something absurd for Nash.
  12. Rick Nash will have the A on his canes sweater! In my dream. In what I think... When I buy my Jordan Staal sweater I anticipate I'll be getting an A put on it. Guess Boychuk will have to pick a new number when he's called up now.
  13. No shock to hear Jordan isn't assuming to bump Eric to wing. Just giving his big brother the respect he deserves since it's been his slot all these years. That being said, it's a possibility. Will depend on what else we do this off-season. I like them centering different lines myself. Call whichever one the first line you want, I don't think there will be a huge drop off from one to the next. They will probably test all the possible combinations in the preseason and I trust Muller to decide whats best. I fully expect them to be on the PP together and in late game situations, could they even make up a PK unit or is that overkill?
  14. Thank you Brandon for your years of hard work and devotion to this organization. Despite your offensive upside the way you handled the third line defensive duties was exemplary. I have no doubt your offensive numbers will grow every year as you really showed your skill on short-handed breakaways this year. Can't wait to see you back in town and give you the standing ovation of appreciation you deserve. Wish it was sooner than Feb. 18th.
  15. Seems like the season is starting and ending a week later than last year. Wonder why that is. Ending the season on a back to back. That was nice of them.
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