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  1. I am very excited about Murphy. I believe he has a better future then Faulk.
  2. I understand. But just because Staal has had one bad season doesn't mean he needs to be shipped out. Sutter will never be a number one center. End of story. We need Staal. End of story.
  3. Guys chill! I just forgot to type about the pick! Obviously any team is interested in our 1st round pick at this point!
  4. Hi guys! New member here. Probably be on here as much as I can. First off, obviously we need a winger for Staal's line. I checked my sources and Luke Decock said via Twitter that to get Bobby Ryan (whom frankly if he came to Carolina would be tied as my favorite player with Skinner) we would have to give up one of our core players in the process. Maybe we could be lenient and give up Sutter? I would be willing to give him up but it is an idea. We obviously know Skinner, Staal, and Cam are going nowhere but maybe we can give up Sutter or Faulk? (Although I'm impressed with Faulk!)
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