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  1. Without reading too much into Faulk's statement, you could just say that now that Skins and Faulk are entering into their 5th and 4th seasons with the team it's time for them to take a more active role. They are two of our top players and have been with the team as long as most of the players. You would expect that they would start to step up in lead.
  2. Haven't really seen it mentioned anywhere else, but the one thing holding this team back is the abysmal shooting percentage. I think we're something like 27th or 28th in the league. Not sure why it's so bad, but to my untrained eye it looks like almost all of our shots come from the outside. We take a lot of those shots, but we have nobody near the net to follow up on a rebound. Don't know if that's a coaching issue or a player issue but it should be addressed.
  3. I don't know enough about hockey to know whose fault it is, but it seems to me that the team can't ever get the puck out of the defensive zone and up the ice. Passing doesn't seem crisp and just sloppy play all around.
  4. For starters your compareables are off because you seem to be comparing how much the players have remaining on their contracts, not how much thier salary or cap hit is for the year. A quick search shows Hossa, Nash, and Chara are all earning close to 8 million a year, significantly more than J. Staal's 6 million per year. He just happens to have longer left on his contract. Also, I think we can all agree not to the judge the output of a guy playing half a year for a new team with no training camp. He was also center who most often faced off against the other team's top offensive players.
  5. You won't see the owner's play without a firm CBA because they run the risk of the players striking once they get paid the bulk of their salary. The owner's would then have no leverage in any negotiations.
  6. Its worth having him after seeing how many of those highlights came against the Canes.
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