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  1. Bed? What bed? It's almost 7 am here... Oh my dear friends, what a feeling...
  2. Nope. The Eye is a bit too far away from my whereabouts. They were selling it some time ago at Fanatics online store. Thanks for the comment!
  3. Wearing my best at the office today to remind those Detroit & Anaheim fans who is in the playoffs and who's not... Why? 'Cause it's gameday! I will be up all night to watch Canes battle! Thanks for the GDT, Coastal! Go Canes!
  4. This was awesome feeling indeed. Now I can sleep tight. Until Apr 10 of course. Congrats, everyone!
  5. Duche for Hanifin, right? With Colorado's good start, I wonder if they are still interested.
  6. 1. Which team scores first? Your Canes 2. Which player scores first for the hurricanes? Teuvo 3. 3 stars of the game? (3 points for each correct answer) Darling Teuvo Skinner 4. Combined score? 7 5. Shots for Faulk? 5 6. Saves by Darling? 25 tie breaker: what is the final score? 4-3
  7. Hey Lake!

    Please don't even think that I got offended by your post:). I consider it a favour from you. I know how it feels when you're trying to make sb's Engish better for their own sake. We live and we learn. So thanks.:)



  8. Yes, of course, I meant morale. It was actually just a misprint. I've checked it in a dictionary before putting that. Just like I always do when I'm not sure about smth. But I'm writing it with my cell phone, so I'd better check the spelling of what I'm typing twice. Thanks nonetheless.
  9. Obviously, they were trying to pick one, either Staal or Faulk, as final candidates. I don't think co-captaincy was the initial idea. Do you think they just failed to decide which one and presented this as their final decision? Which for us now seem as unwillingness to decide. Rotating As last year had an impact on this, presumably.
  10. Mine just put Hacksaw Ridge on pause and shouted: this team will regret it when Jeoffrey is leaving or his morals suddenly go down!
  11. Hello, dear OBXer, I'm very new to such a thing (I consider stupid) as co-captaincy. Do you know any other recent (or not so) cases of it in the NHL? Do you think we should add a third one next season when black jerseys are back?
  12. Thanks, Top. I just wonder what's the point of keeping him on the team 'till the last moment, then.
  13. Well... I guess sending Bean back to the Hitmen is no surprise, but does anyone here prefer him over Dahlbeck?
  14. I didn't like Kuok on the PP in the first. He was on the RW and was late several times for a pass from the goal line to put it in the gaping net. Maybe it'd be easier if he was RHS. Still, I think he should be in the opening line-up, he looked good overall. I also noticed some one-pass-too-many situations, a couple from Hanifin. I agree he was solid, but shooting more pucks is what I expect of him this year.
  15. Ахахахаххахахахах! A good try! You should just dust up a little bit on your Russian.
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