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  1. ruutu can be the 3rd line center. he's played center before and he plays great def. can do just about anything on the ice move tlusty to the 2nd line. take out dywer and put bowman there. move skinner to 1st line. that gives 2 good scoring lines and a strong checking line. Canes will be a strong team in the eastern conf. next year.
  2. read the article where it says the canes offered doan a 4 year $30 million contract.
  3. Bold. we offered Shane Doan who is 35 a 4 year $7.5 million contract. thats a very steep offer for doan. offer that to Semin, and its a no brainer he's a cane next year. but honestly i don't think we need him i think we have a playoff caliber team as it stands now.
  4. I think our D is strong enough to not go after anybody. I think a great signing for the Canes would Maple Leafs Mikhail Grabovski. With the addition of J. Staal Muller will move Eric to wing so the brothers can play together. Grabovski would make a great 2nd line center for us.
  5. Our style of hockey is dump and chase which we need guys not afraid to go to the boards for pucks and JV has shown a very timid Fore checking at times. Thats why JVR is a perfect fit he does that stuff. With the deadline over a month away JVR should have plenty of time to heal from this concussion.
  6. I am pretty confident that Ruutu, and Gleason is done at the deadline. Other guys I think have a chance of being moved Allen and LaRose. LaRose is going to turn 30 this year and we could get a very high quality pick/prospect because alot of teams around the league want him. This would open a spot for Bowman, Dalpe, Samson, Boychuk, new guy dadanov. this could give a few of these guys valuable play time with the canes. i wouldn't be surprised if dywer is also moved because i think Bowman produced more in the few games he played than dywer all season. This is what i think. Ruutu and Gleason will be moved. With possibilities of Allen,LaRose and Dywer.
  7. Brad Marchand is the next Brendan Shanahan because he has the scoring touch but also has that physical presence to his game. If he can improve his stick skills i think he has a chance to be better. the big if is will he stop throwing cheap shots and if he can get the huge target of his back against every team in the east conf. and half the teams in the west conf. he will have a very productive career.
  8. It won't happen because JV doesn't play our style of hockey. Van Riemsdyk on the other hand does. When Joni comes back who do you sit surely not faulk. they will trade Gleason because we have depth at D. maybe not as good as Timmy G. but we have enough talent to trade G and still win with the guys we have if we can get a scorer for him.
  9. Even though we had him for half of the first half of the season i really like Andreas Nodl. he came in every game playing as hard as he can he might not score as much but its the little things great forechecking, solid defense, and stays out of the box which is huge.
  10. Writing to introduce myself. New to the boards but not the canes. i have been watching since the whalers days. i follow the canes as close as any person can. through thick or thin canes fan for life. Go Canes!!!!!!!
  11. Who is the first Canes player to be traded? 1 point 2. When does he get traded, before or at the trade deadline? 1 point 3. What team does he go to? 2 points 4. What do we get back? (be specific) 1 point for each part correct 1. Tuumo Ruutu 2. At Trade deadline 3. Detroit Red Wings 4. Tomas Jurco and a 3rd round pick.
  12. JR knows what he is doing. i think evgeni is a very skilled young kid. With teams looking at Ruutu heavily evgeni plays the same type of game as Ruutu. Evgeni will most likely take his place at the trade deadline if he is dealt away. And Jenks is another very skilled player. Lindstrom was struggling and Matsamoto doesnt fit into the canes gameplan and style of hockey they play. i love the trade we got the better end of this deal.
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